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CCCC Virtual Victories: Brent McLamb

05.21.2020 • College & Community, College General, Curriculum Programs, Students/Graduates

SANFORD - Brent McLamb, of Smithfield, has had an interesting semester at Central Carolina Community College.

Besides being a husband to Keeli and father to 4-year-old son Beau, he is a student in CCCC's Laser & Photonics program. And, he's had to adjust to his studies during this COVID-19 pandemic.

What has this new virtual learning experience been like for McLamb? "To say it has been an easy transition would not be truthful, but I have enjoyed the willingness of everyone involved to adapt to the unfortunate situation," said McLamb. "It has been an additional learning experience on top of a pretty strenuous semester. I miss the classroom and the comradery that comes from being around other focused classmates. That has been the hardest obstacle to overcome."

McLamb notes that staying focused and on track has been the most challenging part of this experience. "For me, it all comes down to time management and being able to isolate what is important now and what can wait," he said.

What McLamb has enjoyed most about the virtual learning experience is seeing the willingness of everyone to do what it takes to continue to press forward. "It shows that there are people around who want to see you succeed and are willing to make sacrifices to help you reach the end goal," he said.

What would he tell someone who may be considering CCCC for their educational journey? "The opportunities afforded from a place like CCCC are worth the short-term sacrifices," said McLamb.

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CCCC Virtual Victories:  Brent McLamb

Central Carolina Community College student Brent McLamb, of Smithfield, has adjusted to the virtual learning experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. McLamb is a student in CCCC's Laser & Photonics program.