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Scott Byington named CCCC's Staff Member of the Year

01.31.2020 • Admin, Faculty & Staff, College & Community, College General

SANFORD - Scott Byington, Dean of Arts, Sciences & Advising, has been named Central Carolina Community College's Staff Member of the Year for 2019-2020.

"I was extremely surprised to win and very humbled," said Byington, who first came to CCCC in 2007 as a Biology instructor. "I work with fabulous people at CCCC and there are a lot of other people who are deserving of this award. I am honored to represent them by accepting this award and very grateful that my peers selected me."

What does Byington enjoy most about his job?

"When people would ask me what I did for a living, I would start to describe parts of my job. Now, I usually say 'I work at a place where we are in the dream business.' I love that I get to work with talented, dedicated people who care for each other, care about our students and who want to help our students achieve their dreams. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the college embrace student success as a major college focus and appreciate people willing to tackle new challenges because they benefit students. Most of all, I enjoy that I can work with students in different capacities and see firsthand how this college is helping them reach their goals."

CCCC President Dr. Lisa M. Chapman said Byington's approach provides CCCC an inclusive, student-centered effort to coordinated and holistic advising processes. "As the Co-Chair of our Quality Enhancement Plan, Dean Byington has facilitated cooperative efforts to make the Admissions, Advising, and ACA courses work together to more seamlessly enroll students and set them on a pathway for success," said Dr. Chapman.

"Dean Byington's efforts and leadership are being embraced and heralded statewide and nationally. He has been invited to present about CCCC's efforts to engage students in intentional 'career-conversations' early in their progression by the NC Student Success Center, and by national leaders with the Community College Research Center and California Community College Success Center," said Dr. Chapman.

Dr. Brian S. Merritt, CCCC's Vice President, Learning & Workforce Development and Chief Academic Officer, said Byington has been a game changer since being hired as Dean.

"As co-chair of our Quality Enhancement Plan -- My Academic Pathway -- Scott is leading the institution to be more deliberate with helping students make more informed career goals during the Admissions and Advising processes, which is also now reinforced and supported by a redesigned ACA 'First-Year Experience' course," said Dr. Merritt.

"Scott has personally designed an advising training course and engaged hundreds of faculty and staff in it -- which was not required but made available and optional for employees. It had such outstanding reviews that it became very popular, very quickly. In everything Scott does -- whether advising one-on-one with a student, or mentoring his colleagues -- or when engaging colleagues in academic advising training sessions statewide or nationally -- Scott's genuine, servant attitude is apparent; and, his knack for asking thought-provoking questions helps us remove barriers and be better at helping students meet their goals."

Byington said he thoroughly enjoys working at CCCC and trying to play a part in the college becoming a state and national leader in higher education. "There are dedicated people at every level, including our Board of Trustees, who work to make CCCC the best student-serving institution it can be. I appreciate everyone making CCCC a great place for students to learn and grow," said Byington.

Byington received his Bachelor's degree (Biology) from James Madison University, a Master's degree (Biology) from West Virginia University, and is working toward a Master of Science (Academic Advising) from Kansas State University.

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Scott Byington named CCCC's Staff Member of the Year

Scott Byington, Dean of Arts, Sciences & Advising, has been named Central Carolina Community College's Staff Member of the Year for 2019-2020.