NC DOT Public Hearing Notice

CCCC is applying for grant funding from the North Carolina Department of Transportation. This funding will support transportation costs for students with disabilities. Please see the attached notices for more information.

Public Hearing Notice Correction: Central Carolina Community College's Public Hearing Notice published on September 7, 2023, contained an error in funding amounts to be requested. The total funding requested for Capital (Vehicles & Other) should read $150,000, and the total Local Share should read $15,000.

Aviso de Corrección de Aviso de Audiencia Pública: El Aviso de Audiencia Pública de Central Carolina Community College publicado el 7 de septiembre de 2023, contenía un error en los montos de financiamiento a solicitar. El financiamiento total a solicitar para Capital (Vehículos y Otros) debería ser de $150,000, y la Contribución Local total debería ser de $15,000.