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General Continuing Education Information

General Information/Registration Assistance

(919) 718-7500

Chatham Continuing Education

Business and Personal Enrichment

Felicia Crittenden
(919) 718-7380

Construction and Industry

Pamela Fincher
(910) 814-8969

Administrative and Registration

Latoya Brower
(919) 545-8033

College & Career Readiness
(Adult High School, High School Equivalency, and ESL Programs)

Associate Dean of College and Career Readiness

Sandra M. Thompson
Center for Workforce Innovation
(919) 545-8666

Chatham County Coordinator

Tammie Quick
Siler City Center
(919) 545-8671

Harnett County Coordinator

Nutan Varma
Harnett Main Campus
(910) 814-8975

Harnett County Administrative Assistant

Donna Cummings
Harnett Main Campus
(910) 814-8971

Lee County Coordinator

LaRonda Reid
Center for Workforce Innovation
(919) 718-7083

Para mas informacion es espanol

Julia Herbon
Siler City Center
(919) 545-8667

Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Department Chair for Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Gregg Hamm
(919) 545-8070

Administrative Assistant

Tanasha Murchison
(919) 545-8051

Ed2Go Online Education

Program Administrator

Latoya Brower
(919) 545-8033

Emergency Services Training - EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, and Rescue Training

Karen Brown, Administrative Specialist
(919) 777-7767

Emergency Medical Services Program Director

Susan Macklin
(919) 777-7776

Fire and Rescue Training Coordinator

Hampton Williams
(919) 777-7778

Law Enforcement Training Coordinator

Larry Foster
(919) 777-7772

Harnett County Programs

Director, Harnett Continuing Education

Pamela Fincher
(910) 814-8969

Continuing Education Registration Specialist

Lydia Russell
(910) 814-8832

Health Occupations

Director of Continuing Education Medical Programs

Lennie Stephenson
(910) 814-8833

Medical Programs Coordinator, Chatham County

Toni Williams
(919) 545-8682

Administrative Assistant, Chatham County

Pam McKoy
(919) 545-8662

Administrative Assistant, Harnett County

Cynthia Price
(910) 814-8998

Medical Programs Coordinator, Lee County

Sandra Hurley
(919) 777-7703

Administrative Assistant, Lee County

Pat Wicker
(919) 777-7709

Industry Services

Director of Industry Services

Cathy Swindell
(919) 718-7212

Lee County Programs

Associate Dean, Career & Technical Education Director, Lee Continuing Education

Felicia Crittenden
(919) 718-7360

Administrative Assistant

Kelly Dehring
(919) 718-7080

Small Business Workshops, Seminars and Counseling

Chatham County SBC Coordinator

Jon Spoon
(919) 545-8013

Harnett County SBC Coordinator

Mari-Inetta Pavlic
(910) 892-2884

Lee County SBC Coordinator

Terri Brown
(919) 718-7558