Current Students

The 4C's for Online Course Success

1. Call Out for Help!

  • Take Comfort in knowing we are here for you. Whether this is your first time or you have taken an online course before, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You are bound to run into an issue with something you have never seen. When, not if, that happens, reach out for assistance.
  • Use the Library Chat to get answers to questions in real time. They can answer many of your questions, or direct you to the best place for you to go get the help you need.
  • Get tutoring when needed via Upswing, the Online Writing Lab, or Collaborate
  • Communicate with your instructor on a regular basis. Ask questions when you have them.
  • Consult your advisor or success coach as needed.

2. Commit to Success
Be Self-Disciplined

  • Carve out and schedule time to complete your coursework. Once you’ve made the time, eliminate distractions and actually spend the time on course related work.
  • Create a space where you can get this work done. It will teach your brain that when you are in that space, it is time to do work.
  • Concentrate on one task at a time
  • Chunk it. Don’t try to do all your work at once. You don’t eat an elephant by swallowing it whole. You take one bite at a time.

You don't eat an elephant by swallowing it whole. You take one bite at a time.

3. Care for Yourself

  • Construct breaks into your schedule. As much as you are able, take a physical break away from the screen. Your body will thank you for it.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments as they happen.

4. Connect to Others

  • For group projects ensure that you are doing your part and keeping the lines of communication open.
  • Communicate effectively with instructors and classmates when participating in group and individual assignments.
  • Contribute constructively to class discussions and group activities. Use discussion boards if they’re available.