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Ana Frausto
PC Technician II, Information Technology
110, Miriello 910-814-8806
Harnett Main Campus

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Bailey, Chris 910-814-8990
Nursing Instructor
Barron, David 910-814-8836
Math Instructor
Beasley, Gary 910-814-8828
Laser & Photonics, Lead
Belcher, Emma 910-814-8861
Biology Instructor
Brucker, Fred 910-814-8859
Broadcasting Production Technology Instructor
Byrd, Pam 910-814-8804
Administrative Specialist
Champion, Debra 910-814-8816
Math Instructor
Chance, Shavonda 910-814-8849
Justice Studies Instructor
Davis, Tonya 910-814-8976
Assessment Retention Specialist
Fincher, Pamela 910-814-8969
Harnett Continuing Education Director
Flatley, David 910-814-8815
Frausto, Ana 910-814-8806
PC Technician II
Godbold, Catie 910-814-8874
Academic Assistant Ctr & Writing Ctr Coordinator
Hall, Katie 910-814-8805
Evening Administrative Assistant
Harris, Kay 910-814-8838
Psychology Instructor
Johnson, Susan 910-814-8871
Department Chair, Barbering and Cosmetic Arts
LaVere, John 910-814-8839
Electronics Engineering Technology Instructor
Lofton, Nicole 910-814-8818
CIT Instructor
Matthews, Jon 910-814-8801
Provost, Harnett County
McCrimmon, Markita 910-814-8851
Department Chair of Justice Studies
McLamb-Collier, Amanda 910-814-8835
Lead Instructor ECD Cosmetology
McNeill, Shatea 910-814-8867
Admissions Specialist
Nichols-Jones, Trinnette 910-814-8827
Director of Student Services
O'Shaughnessy, Anne 910-814-8808
Practicum Coordinator/Instructor, Medical Assisting
Page, Cindy 910-814-8800
Administrative Specialist
Riddle, Pam 910-814-8842
OST Instructor
Russell, Lydia 910-814-8832
Continuing Education Registration Specialist
Ryan, Elizabeth 910-814-8870
Practical Nursing Instructor
Utley, Annie 910-814-8973
Instructor, College and Career Readiness
Varma, Nutan 910-814-8975
College & Career Readiness Coordinator - Harnett
Wiser, Nancy 910-814-8841
Reading Instructor
Wolf, Grace 910-814-8814
Instruction & Outreach Librarian

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