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Clark, Vicky 919-718-7256
CE Registrar
Cotten, Wendy 919-718-7391
AR/CR Accountant
Giles, Cathy 919-718-7240
Program Associate
Glover, Erica 919-718-7299
Contract Administrator
Godfrey, Melissa 919-718-7217
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Harrington, Vickie 919-718-7321
Administrative Specialist
Joyner, Tamara 919-718-7498
Lett, Tony
Construction Monitor
Lowder, Donnie 919-718-7298
Construction Manager
Malott, Nicole 919-718-7551
Payroll Specialist
Matthews, Leslie 919-718-7517
Accounting Assistant
Parrish, Carla 919-718-7369
Payroll Administrator
Price, Phillip 919-718-7214
Vice President of Administrative Services
Smith, Crete 919-718-7499
Accounts Payable Specialist
Walton, Karen 919-718-7310
Wicker, Elizabeth 919-718-7408
Documents Administrator/Internal Auditor

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