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NCWorks, Chatham County, offers a variety of services that connect you with highly skilled candidates for your workforce needs. It can also assist you in training the right person or confirming that you have selected the best candidate.

Job Listing Process

Job announcements can be listed through NCWorks by contacting the Coordinator and/or logging on to its employer-specific websites. The announcements are then available to job seekers through (Employment Security Commission Web site), and These will provide wide exposure for your job announcements. You will be able to indicate how applicants should contact you. After screening by staff and the Coordinator, they may contact you directly or may fax or email their resume/application. Additional screening processes can take place at and be coordinated through the NCWorks, Chatham Country. This process can be individualized.

Skills Assessments for Potential Applicants

NCWorks offers assessments and testing to assist with determining a final candidate. There are personality tests; reading, mathematical, and information locating tests; as well as tests to determine the teamwork and observation skills of a potential applicant. The test results will aid in matching the best applicant with the job. WorkKeys assessment tools can lead to applicants gaining their North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate. Additional information about these tests and the Career Readiness Certification can be found at

Career Fairs/Job Fairs

Career/Job fairs are held throughout the year. A Career/Job fair provides employers and businesses with opportunities to recruit highly qualified individuals, inform future applicants of essential skills for positions, and market goods and services through networking.

On-the-Job Training Programs

NCWorks, Chatham County, provides opportunities for employers to reduce the initial costs incurred in hiring a new employee. In addition, tax credits and monetary incentives are available for businesses that hire eligible individuals in special Workforce Investment Act categories.

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