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Thursday, April 12, 2018

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11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Alcohol Awareness Event

ALCOHOL AWARENESS DAY at CCCC: To promote alcohol awareness, the Arrive Alive Tour will be showcased on Lee Main Campus. The tour includes the most high-tech, realistic, and ONLY Hi-Def Texting and Drunk Driving Simulator in the Nation. The simulator will run on campus for a full six hours with highly trained facilitators speaking with each presentation group. An average of 25-30 students an hour will get to be in the "driver's seat" of the simulator. Mock citations are issued to each driver to show legal ramifications. A "Passenger Eye View" monitor allows other students to experience what the driver experiences - but from a passenger perspective. A Pledge station is provided for students to Pledge to Drive SAFE (Sober and Free of Electronics) and take pictures, so students will be able to share their experience and help to spread awareness about this important topic. There will also be an event survey on a tablet to provide statistical analysis of the event hosted at CCCC.

The event will also involve Drunk Buster Goggles to simulate impairments that can occur while under the influence. The goggles can simulate impairments including reduced alertness, slowed reaction time, confusion, visual distortion, alteration of depth and distance perception, reduction of peripheral vision, poor judgement and decision making, double vision, and lack of muscle coordination. Different field sobriety tests will be completed by the students with and without the goggles to note differences and raise awareness.

Rita's Italian Ice will be served throughout the event!

Please come out and participate in this unique and educational event!

For any questions or concerns, please contact Student Activities Coordinator, Meagan Little: Office 59, Student Center, Lee Main Campus, (919) 718-7337,

Specific Location: Outside courtyard area in front of the Student Center (Gym is rain site location)
General Location: Lee Main Campus
Audience: All