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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

All Day
Developmental Math module (DMA-4) census/75% refund/Last day to complete orientation quiz
Specific Location:
General Location: Central Carolina Dental Center, Chatham Main Campus, Distant, Dunn Center, Emergency Services Training Center (ESTC), Harnett Correctional (HCI), Harnett Health Sciences Center, Harnett Main Campus, Lee Main Campus, NC School of Telecommunications (NCST), SAGE Metal Shop, Sculpture/Pottery Studio at the Arts Incubator, Siler City Center, West Harnett Center
Audience: Curriculum, Distance Education
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Intramural Goal Ball

Goal ball is a team sport that was designed specifically for athletes with a vision impairment, but blindfolds allow sighted players to compete on an equal footing. Blindfolds will be provided at the event. Participants compete in teams of three, and try to throw a ball that has bells embedded in it into the opponents' goal. The ball is rolled by hand and never kicked. Using ear-hand coordination the game is played indoors, usually on a basketball court, and consist of twelve-minute halves. Teams alternate rolling the ball from one end of the playing area to the other, and players remain in the area of their own goal in both defence and attack. Players must use the sound of the bells to judge the position and movement of the ball. A goal is scored when the ball rolls past the defense across the baseline of a basketball court. Perimeters of play are marked by twine underneath gym floor tape, so players must use their sense of touch to judge their position on the court.

Don't forget to register your team with Student Activities Coordinator, Meagan Little, by Monday, April 9th.

Please come out and try this amazing and unique sport! As always, the famous CCCC Intramural T-shirt is on the line!! Do you have what it takes to win the prized T-shirt trophy?!!

Here is a video of GOAL BALL!!

For any questions or concerns, please contact Student Activities Coordinator, Meagan Little: Office 59, Student Center, Lee Main Campus, (919) 718-7337,

Specific Location: CFC Builidng Gym
General Location: Lee Main Campus
Audience: All, Curriculum