Placement Testing

Assessment and Placement Testing FAQs

1. Which placement test does Central Carolina Community College administer?
Our College administers the Accuplacer test through the College Board. Our state has a custom test, which is the North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement (NCDAP) test. The test is administered on the computer.
2. Do you accept scores from other placement tests?
Yes, we accept the SAT, ACT, Asset, and Compass placement tests. The testing scores must be sent officially from the testing service and be within the last five years. Your Admissions Counselor will review the scores with you to determine if they meet the benchmark scores for English and/or Math. Retesting on the NCDAP may be necessary.
3. How much does it cost to take the placement test?
We do not charge a fee to take our placement test or to retest.
4. Can I take the placement test at your college if I'm not a student?
No, we only administer the NCDAP to our students.
5. In what areas will I be tested?
The NCDAP consists of an English section and a Math section:
  1. NCDAP English
    1. Reading/Revising and Editing Writing - 50 multiple choice questions
    2. WritePlacer essay - composition of a 300 to 600 word essay
  2. NCDAP Math
    1. Six math modules each having 12 questions (total of 72 questions)
6. How much time will I need to allot to take the placement test?
The NCDAP is primarily an untimed placement test. The WritePlacer essay is the only component that has a maximum time limit of 2 hours. Otherwise, students can take as much time as needed to complete the test. The average time for testing will depend on how many sections of the test you need to take:
  • NCDAP English and NCDAP Math = 4 hours
  • NCDAP English only = 2 hours
  • Reading/Revising and Editing Writing = 1 hour 30 minutes
  • WritePlacer essay = 40 minutes
  • NCDAP Math only = 2 hours
7. Where can I take the placement test?
We administer the Accuplacer test by appointment on all three campuses.
  • Lee Main Campus: Please contact (919) 718-7300 to schedule a testing appointment.
  • Chatham Main Campus: Please contact (919) 545-8029 to schedule a testing appointment.
  • Harnett Main Campus: Please contact (910) 814-8863 to schedule a testing appointment.
8. What items do I need to bring to take the test?
The test is taken on a computer so you will not need any pencils or paper. You are required to bring a picture ID in order to test. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled test time.
9. How should I study for the placement test?
Students should provide themselves an appropriate amount of time to study. There are several resources students can use to study for the placement test. The available resources can be viewed through the "Study Guides" link on the placement testing site.
10. Can I use a calculator on the placement test?
No. Students are not permitted to use a personal calculator during the placement test. The Accuplacer placement test has a built in calculator that will appear on the screen on the questions that deem it necessary.
11. What score do I need to achieve on the placement test?
Since each curriculum has different criteria, we recommend that you contact the appropriate Admissions Counselor for your curriculum.
12. When will I receive the results of the placement test?
Scores are calculated upon completion of the placement test. You will receive your results immediately after taking the test. 8-10% of the time a score pending may be received on the WritePlacer essay. If this occurs, College Board will need to score the essay by hand. This may take up to 24 hours to receive your updated score.
13. Can I take the placement test more than once?
Yes. Students are permitted to take the Accuplacer twice within five years.
14. Can I retest in just one section of the placement test?
Students have the option to retest on the entire placement test or in the following separate sections:
  • DMA 010-030
  • DMA 040-060
  • Reading/Revising and Editing Writing
  • WritePlacer essay
15. Can I retest while enrolled in a developmental course?
No. Students are not permitted to retest until the developmental course in which they are enrolled is complete.
16. Do my test scores expire?
Your test scores will expire in five years per the testing policy. Please note that other colleges may have a different policy on acceptable length of time for testing scores.
17. How do I request my placement test scores to be sent to another institution?
You will need to complete the Placement Test Scores Release Form on the placement testing website. The signed form can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the college. Please allow 2 business days for your request to be processed.
18. What should I do if I have a disability that requires special arrangements for test taking?
Please contact the Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services at (919) 718-7416 to identify with the Office of Student Accessibility Services. Once you are identified and have provided the appropriate documentation of your disability, we can provide you accommodations on the Accuplacer placement test.
19. Can I bring children to campus while I am taking the placement test?
Children are not permitted to be on campus or in the testing room while you take the placement test. Please make the appropriate arrangements for your children prior to your testing day.
20. If I have other questions, whom do I need to contact?
  • Lee Main Campus: (919) 718-7471
  • Harnett Main Campus: (910) 814-8863
  • Chatham Main Campus: (919) 545-8029