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Cathy Swindell

Cathy Swindell is an Industrial Trainer at Central Carolina Community College (CCCC):

For years as a quality professional in industry, I was faced with recurrent errors, the "revolving door" of motivated, qualified, and highly skilled employees coming and going, and morale problems within departments.  No matter the systems, policies, and procedures put into place, there was no significant, lasting change.  There wasn't much difference from industry-to-industry except in those with aggressive training programs and employee development.  As I became more involved in the development, implementation, and maintenance of training systems, I realized I had found the key.  I believe that all employees, regardless of position and responsibility, want to perform at a high level and need effective, comprehensive training to accomplish that goal.  Because of this belief, I made a career change in 1997, determined to make an impact in industry as a trainer and program developer that I hadn't had the opportunity to make as a quality manager. Since that date, I have been a trainer, project coordinator, project developer and now administrator of the Industry Services Office at CCCC.  Along the way, I have acquired professional certifications as well as a BS in Technology Education: Training and Development for Industry, and forged strong partnerships in industry, local government, and state-wide organizations. I've used my background in training and education to enhance not only the skills of the private sector required by my chosen vocation but in my personal affiliations, such as church, non-profit boards, and the Girl Scouts.         

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