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We appreciate our retirees. They have worked hard to make CCCC a great place to learn and work.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The July 19th gathering focused on the student farm and the Chatham Community Library on the Pittsboro Campus. Our presenters and tour guides were Robin Kohanowich, CCCC's Sustainable Farming Coordinator, and Jennifer Gillis, Branch Manager at the Library. Everyone received Green Central t-shirts celebrating the Pittsboro Campus focus on sustainability. College updates included:

  • A thank YOU for a great 50th year
  • A mention of the new college logo
  • An announcement of the new curriculum Culinary Arts Program beginning Fall 2012
  • And a couple of staff updates:
    • Dr. Pam Senegal is the new Vice President for Economic and Community Development
    • Carl Bryan's last day with the college is August 6th
(from left to right)Linda Spivey, Gloria Cheatham, Celia Hurley, Betty Pace, Janet Carter, Luther White and Avron Upchurch

(from left to right)Linda Spivey, Gloria Cheatham, Celia Hurley, Betty Pace, Janet Carter, Luther White and Avron Upchurch

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CCCC Retirees enjoyed another opportunity to learn what is happening at the college, share stories, and catch up with former colleagues during the March 28th gathering. Mark Hall, Lead Instructor for the Humanities and C-STEP Coordinator, and Andy McMahan, CCCC's Biofuels Program Coordinator and the Energy Sector Project Manager, provided the program. Attendees included Janet Carter, Gloria Cheatham, Ellen Dickey, Jim Foster, Anne Hurley, Alvin McKay, Phil Maddox, Linda Spivey, Jim Turner, Nancy Turner, Avron Upchurch, and Brenda Willett. Retirees shared lots of fun memories, including "Nancy and the Birds" and "Phil teaches Cosmetology".

Retiree Reconnect Slideshow

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The idea of reconnecting with our retirees turned out to be a good one. Our first retiree gathering was on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center. Twenty-eight retirees returned to visit with their former colleagues, learn about college programs and services, and see some of the current CCCC folks. Everyone enjoyed good fellowship, lots of laughter, and tasty food from the Culinary Arts students.

Retirees - thank you for coming to our first retiree event!

  • Vesper Brown
  • Bill Bradford
  • Carol Bradford
  • Janet Carter
  • Gloria Cheatham
  • Doris Cupps (with husband Wilbert Cupps)
  • Gina Del Vecchio
  • Ellen Dickey
  • Dr. Jim Foster
  • Hubert Garner
  • Bob Garrett
  • Matt Garrett
  • Joyce Harding
  • Zena Harvley-Felder
  • Pam Hunter
  • Gail Luck
  • Alvin MacKay
  • Jay Norris
  • Jacqueline Parker
  • Gloria Peele (with husband Don Peele)
  • Tom Ratliff
  • Vivian Rosser
  • Linda Spivey
  • Jim Turner
  • Nancy Turner
  • Avron Upchurch
  • Brenda Willett
  • Luther White

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We look forward to providing retirees with more opportunities to enjoy time with each other and to find out what's going on at the College. We want to accommodate everyone in regards to refreshments and space, so RSVPs will be requested for all events.

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