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College Catalog 2008-2010

Veterans' Information

Central Carolina Community College's Veterans Affairs Office is available to assist the veterans and their eligible dependents in processing their VA applications to receive educational benefits (G.I. Bill), as well as to help them solve VA problems. CCCC has a veterans' coordinator whose office is located in Student Development Services.

Students eligible for VA educational benefits should follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Notify the veterans' coordinator of intent to apply for VA benefits.
  • Select a program and apply for admission to the college. All admission requirements must be completed before application for VA benefits can be processed. Submission and evaluation of all transcripts of prior training must be completed within the first semester of attendance in order to continue receipt of benefits.
  • During registration, contact the veterans' coordinator to ensure that all enrollment and VA document data are correct and complete. Students must inform the veterans' coordinator of their class schedule each semester. Failure to inform the veterans' coordinator of changes in students' schedules may result in a lapse of educational benefits.

Standards of Progress, Attendance, and Conduct

Public Law 93-508 requires that each educational institution approved for veterans to receive educational benefits (G.I. Bill) must establish written policies that clearly state what is expected of the veteran in the areas of academic progress, class attendance, and conduct. These standards are the same for all students, veterans, and non-veterans.

  • Unsatisfactory Progress: A final 2.0 cumulative grade point average is required for graduation in all programs, and a student is expected to maintain this average to be considered in good academic standing. (See Academic Probation Policy). This policy is used as the basis for determining a student's status for enrollment certification purposes to the Veterans Administration.

    Veterans who have been decertified may be recertified when their cumulative grade point average meets or exceeds the established standard or when approval has been granted by the Veterans Administration.
  • Attendance Requirements: Classroom attendance requirements are the same for veterans and non-veterans and are covered elsewhere in this handbook. Veterans, who receive educational benefits and are dropped from class due to inadequate attendance, may be terminated from receiving educational benefits. Failure to notify the veterans' coordinator of any change in total semester hours may result in an overpayment in educational benefits and a debt for students.

Summary of Regulations

Reasons for Probation (Eligible for Benefits):

  • Low grade point average
  • Poor attendance or poor conduct

Reasons for Termination (Without Benefits):

  • Low grade point average for two consecutive terms
  • Poor attendance or poor conduct

Serviceman's Opportunity College (SOC)

CCCC is a Serviceman's Opportunity College (SOC) and supports the concept that military personnel should be encouraged to begin their post-secondary education while serving their country.

Under the Serviceman's Opportunity College program, servicemen are encouraged to submit evaluations of CLEP test results, DANTES test results, military service school records, Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) evaluations, and prior college coursework for transfer credit. CLEP/DANTES must meet the recommended American Council on Education (ACE) minimum scores. All coursework considered for transfer must be equivalent to CCCC courses appropriate to the student's program of study.