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College Catalog 2008-2010

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the student body's self-government. It is the official voice of the student body. The SGA is committed to promoting the student's personal, social, and academic growth through student activities. The SGA provides the environment for students to create and implement activities as they desire under the direction of the Student Development Services staff.

The SGA's organizational structure consists of an Executive Committee with the officers of president, a vice president for each of the county campuses, a secretary, treasurer, and a Student Senate composed of elected representatives from each curriculum. The SGA president and vice presidents are elected in the spring term of the preceding year. The other officers and representatives are elected during the fall term by the first week in October. The president of the SGA, who serves as a non-voting member of the Board, represents the students on the CCCC Board of Trustees.

The Chatham and Harnett County campuses elect an SGA vice president and senate representatives for their individual campuses and assist the student activities director with student activities on their campuses.

The major portion of the cost for all student activities is financed through the student fee paid by each student. The total amount anticipated is budgeted by the SGA Summer Standing Committee, approved or corrected by the SGA Student Senate at its first meeting, and then submitted by the SGA treasurer to the CCCC Board of Trustees for approval. Any changes in the anticipated amount must be reflected in the budget submitted for approval by the Board.

All student activities are conducted only if student interest and participation are sufficient. The following activities are funded and/or sponsored by the Student Government Association:

  1. SGA Student Calendar/Handbook: The Student Calendar/Handbook is published each year by the SGA with the assistance of the Student Development Services staff. Important dates including registrations, exams, holidays, student activities, and events are listed in the Student Calendar/Handbook. The purposes, rules, regulations, activities, and policies governing student affairs at CCCC are also found in the Student Calendar/Handbook. The cost is covered in the student fee.
  2. Activity Days: Activity Days are scheduled on each campus during the fall and spring terms of each school year and consist primarily of outdoor activities, games, and sports. Curricula enter teams in each of the athletic major events. The events currently being held are basketball, softball, volleyball, various races, pool shooting, and board games. These activities are normally preceded by a meal for the entire student body and faculty with the expense being covered by the student fee.
  3. Athletics:
    1. Bowling: An intramural league is available to men and women and usually operates for a minimum of ten weeks with trophies presented. Participants pay a small fee per game during league bowling.
    2. Basketball: CCCC sponsors intercollegiate men's and women's teams when there is sufficient student interest. Intramural basketball may also be sponsored if sufficient interest is indicated.
    3. Volleyball: CCCC sponsors a women's volleyball team in intercollegiate play when interest is sufficient. Financial support comes from the student fee.
    4. Other Athletics: Other athletic teams may be formed for men and women's sports as dictated by student interest.
  4. Dances/Social Events: Several dances, under the sponsorship of the SGA, are held each year depending upon student interest. The cost of these is covered by the student fee.
  5. Special Events: The Student Government Association may sponsor other activities such as socials, films, speakers, and related activities that will be of interest to the students. When such occasions arise, students are notified in advance and encouraged to participate.
  6. Other Activities: Various other activities are considered through student suggestions. Some of these, for which noncredit classes or clubs can be set up, include chess, bridge, dancing, drama, chorus, and African-American studies. These or any other activities will be considered if there is sufficient student interest. It is the desire of the Student Development Services staff and the SGA to provide, within budgetary limits and school policy, those activities desired by students, which lead to personal development of the individual.
  7. SGA Elections: SGA elections are held twice a year. An election for SGA president and vice president is held in the spring term of the previous school year. The offices of secretary and treasurer are elected by the first week in October. The following rules have been adopted by the SGA to ensure fairness to all candidates:
    1. Voting times for each election will be announced at least one week before the election.
    2. No campaigning shall be permitted within 25 feet of the voting polls.
    3. No campaign poster will be permitted within 25 feet of the voting polls.
    4. Voting will be by ballot. Simple majority will elect officers.
    5. All currently enrolled curriculum students may vote.
    6. In the absence of an Elections Committee, the SGA president and advisor will be responsible for the election process.
    7. Any campaign violations should be immediately reported to the SGA advisor in the Student Center.
  8. Who's Who: CCCC has been designated an institution which is allocated listings for Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges. The number of listings is usually received by CCCC in early spring. The method of selecting these students is, in part, determined by the National Committee and, in part, by the CCCC SGA. An official statement of the selection process will be published by the SGA prior to the selection. In general, students selected for listing must be scheduled for graduation during that year (spring or summer) and must have demonstrated qualities of scholarship, leadership and participation in school, and/or community activities.
  9. The Alpha Theta Tau Society: The Alpha Theta Tau Society inducts new members each spring. It is an honor organization to recognize academic excellence of students who meet the following requirements:
    1. Must have accumulated a minimum of 16 semester credit hours.
    2. Must have earned a minimum "Major" grade point average of 3.75 to be inducted. A member must maintain a 3.75 average to remain in the society.
    3. Must be enrolled in a degree or diploma program for at least six hours per semester (summer semester excluded).
    4. Must be a student in good standing. Members of Alpha Theta Tau are honored at their graduation ceremonies by a special seal on their diploma and a sash worn over their graduation robes.
  10. Additional Clubs:
    • Association of Nursing Students
    • Broadcasting Club
    • Ceramics and Metal Arts Guild
    • Paralegal Association
    • Phi Beta Lambda (Business)
    • Rotaract (Service club)
    • Student Veterinary Medical Technician Association
    • Triple S Club (SSS Club)
    Clubs may be added as students' interests evolve. The college maintains a policy, and all clubs operate under the SGA. The student activities director will assist club advisors and students with club functions. Student fee funds may be available to active student clubs.