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College Catalog 2008-2010

Curriculum Listing (by Program Code)

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Code Program Page
A15410 Sustainable Agriculture Degree
C1541010 Agricultural Sustainability Certificate
C1541020 Sustainable Livestock Systems Certificate
C1541030 Sustainable Vegetable Production Certificate

Allied Health Technologies

Code Program Page
A45100 Associate Degree Nursing
D45240 Dental Assisting Diploma
A45260 Dental Hygiene Degree
A45380 Human Services Technology Degree
C45390 Licensed Practical Nurse Refresher Certificate
A45400 Medical Assisting Degree
D45400 Medical Assisting Diploma
D45660 Practical Nursing Diploma
A45780 Veterinary Medical Technology Degree

Biological and Chemical Technologies

Code Program Page
A20130 Alternative Energy Technology: Biofuels
C20130 Alternative Energy Technology: Biofuels Production Certificate

Business Technologies

Code Program Page
A25100 Accounting Degree
D25100 Accounting Diploma
C25100T0 Income Tax Preparer Certificate
C25100P0 Payroll Accounting Certificate
C25100S1 Small Business Financial Advisor I Certificate
C25100S2 Small Business Financial Advisor II Certificate
A25120 Business Administration Degree
D25120M0 Business Management Diploma
C25120M0 Manager Trainee Certificate
C25120E0 Entrepreneur Certificate
A25260 Computer Information Technology Degree
D25260 Computer Information Technology Diploma
C25260DP Database Programming Certificate
C25260SS Software Specialist Certificate
C25260IC IC3 - Internet and Computing Core Certificate
C25260HT Computer Hardware/Troubleshooting Repair Certificate
C25260WD Web Development Certificate
A2512C Human Resources Management Degree
D2512C Human Resources Management Diploma
C2512C Human Resources Management Certificate
A25310 Medical Office Administration Degree
C25310T0 Medical Transcription Certificate
A25340 Networking Technology Degree
D25340 Networking Technology Diploma
C25340NI Networking Infrastructure Certificate
C25340SE Networking Security Certificate
C25340WN Wireless Networking Certificate
C25340SH Small Office/Home Office Certificate (SOHO)
C25340TL Voice Over IP Certificate
C25340NO Network Operating System Certificate
A25370 Office Administration Degree
D25370 Office Administration Diploma
C25370W0 Information and Word Processing Certificate
C25370R0 Receptionist Certificate
A2512G Operations Management Degree
D2512G Operations Management Diploma
C2512G Operations Management Certificate
C2512G01 Business Operations Certificate
A25380 Paralegal Technology Degree
D25380 Paralegal Technology Diploma
A2512H Public Administration Degree
C2512H Public Administration Certificate

Commercial and Artistic Production Technologies

Code Program Page
A30120 Broadcasting Production Technology Degree
D3012010 Radio Broadcasting Diploma
D3012020 Television Broadcasting Diploma
A30150 Community Journalism Degree
D30150 Community Journalism Diploma
C30150NW News Writing Certificate
C30150PJ Photojournalism Certificate
A30290 Professional Arts and Crafts: Sculpture Degree
D30290 Professional Arts and Crafts: Clay Sculpture Diploma
C30290 Professional Arts and Crafts: Metal Sculpture Certificate

Engineering Technologies

Code Program Page
A40160 Computer Engineering Technology Degree
A40200 Electronics Engineering Technology Degree
C40200 Electronics Technology Certificate
A40280 Laser and Photonics Technology Degree
A40320 Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree
D40320 Mechanical Engineering Technology Diploma
C4032001 Computer-Aided Drafting Certificate
C4032002 Computer-Aided Manufacturing Certificate
A40320M0 Mechanical Engineering Technology / Mechatronics Systems Degree
D40320M0 Mechanical Engineering Technology / Mechatronics Systems Diploma

Industrial Technologies

Code Program Page
A50440 Bioprocess Technology Degree
C50440 Bioprocess Technology Certificate
A50440QA BioQuality Technology Degree
C50440QA BioQuality Technology Certificate
D50170 Facility Maintenance Worker Diploma
C50170 Facility Maintenance Helper Certificate
A50240 Industrial Systems Technology Degree
D50240 Industrial Systems Technology Diploma
A502400B Industrial Systems Technology / Bio-maintenance Degree
C5024010 Electrical Controls Certificate
C5024020 Industrial Hydraulics Certificate
C5024030 Programmable Logic Controllers Certificate
C5024040 Welding Certificate
A5030A Machining Technology Degree / Tool, Die and Mold Making
D50300 Machining Technology Diploma
C50300 Machining Technology Certificate
D50380 Telecommunications Installation and Maintenance Diploma
C50380 Telecommunications Installation and Maintenance Certificate
A55280 General Occupational Technology Degree

Public Service Technologies

Code Program Page
D55110 Barbering Diploma
C55110 Barbering Certificate
C55120 Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate
D55140 Cosmetology Diploma
C55140 Cosmetology Certificate
C55160 Cosmetology Instructor Certificate
A55180 Criminal Justice Technology Degree
A5518A Criminal Justice Technology-Latent Evidence Degree
A55220 Early Childhood Associate Degree
D55220 Child Care Worker Diploma
C55220 Child Care Worker Certificate
C55290 Infant/Toddler Care Certificate
A5522B Early Childhood/Teacher Associate Degree
C55230 Esthetics Certificate
C55270 Esthetics Instructor Certificate
A55310 Library and Information Technology Degree
D55310 Library and Information Technology Diploma
C55310C0 Library Cataloging Certificate
C55310L0 Library Programs Certificate
C55310P0 Library Public Services Certificate
C55310T0 Library Technical Services Certificate
C55310G0 Library Basics Certificate

Transport Systems Technologies

Code Program Page
D60140 Automotive Restoration Technology Diploma
C60140 Automotive Restoration Technology Certificate
A60160 Automotive Systems Technology Degree
D60160 Automotive Systems Technology Diploma
C60160 Automotive Systems Technology Certificate
D60260 Motorcycle Mechanics Diploma
C60260 Motorcycle Mechanics Certificate

University Transfer

Code Program Page
A10100 Associate in Arts Degree (AA)
D10100 Transfer Core Diploma
A10400 Associate in Science Degree (AS)
D10400 Transfer Core Diploma

Programs at Harnett Correctional Institution

Business Technologies

Code Program Page
A25120PO Business Administration Degree

Construction Technologies

Code Program Page
D35180PO Carpentry Diploma
D35220PO Electrical/Electronics Diploma
D35280PO Masonry Diploma

Industrial Technologies

Code Program Page
D50120PO Electronic Engineering Technology Diploma
D50420PO Welding Technology Diploma

Public Service Technologies

Code Program Page
C55110PO Barbering Certificate
D55250PO Foodservice Technology Diploma
C55250PO Foodservice Technology Certificate

Transport Systems Technologies

Code Program Page
C60160PO Automotive Repair Certificate
C60280PO Small Engine/Equipment Repair Certificate