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LEC seniors get a jump-start on success

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Lee Early College has a new course for seniors this year designed to help them transition into senior ... (more)

11.27.2012Lee Early College

SANFORD - Lee Early College seniors have a new course this year designed to help them transition into senior institutions or the workforce.

College Transfer Success, or ACA 122, not only helps prepare the students, but also meets the qualifications for transferability as an elective at the university level. The class includes college culture, career exploration, and critical thinking and communication skills. The goal is to help students create an academic plan that will aid them in the transition to senior institutions.

Among the topics covered is the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement, which establishes how course credits transfer from state community colleges to public universities. Under the Agreement, community college graduates have assured admission into one of the 16 University of North Carolina institutions. The Agreement enables community college graduates to enter these universities with junior-level status.

LEC guidance counselor Corina Murray and LEC college liaison Virginia Brown are the instructors for College Transfer Success.

Before LEC students can transfer, they need to have a plan for the next few years of their lives, which is where the ACA class benefits them most. Murray and Brown help students explore career options and create academic plans. During class, students are provided with time and help in filling out college application forms. They also receive information about scholarships and financial aid.

The students have the opportunity to hear from university representatives, such as Scarlett Liles, senior assistant director of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She was on campus recently, answering students' questions about the university and its application process. They also have the opportunity to visit some university campuses.

"We offer a lot of support for our kids," said LEC Principal Robert Biehl. "In the past, we noticed that some of our students struggled with the application process for four-year institutions. ACA 122 helps them with that process. This is just one more example of how we help our students and their parents navigate the transition to a four-year school."

Lee Early College is an academically advanced public high school, a collaboration of Lee County Schools and Central Carolina Community College. The school, which opened in 2006, is located on the college's Lee County Campus. Students enter as ninth graders and, within five years, can earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree. There is no cost to the students or families.

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