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Memorial scholarship named for deceased CCCC student

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Dalanie Roe Webb

Click to enlarge Memorial scholarship named for deceased CCCC student

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Family and friends of Dalanie Roe Webb gathered at Central Carolina Community College March 10 to ... (more)

Click to enlarge Memorial scholarship named for deceased CCCC student

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Family and friends of Dalanie Roe Webb gathered at Central Carolina Community College March 10 to ... (more)

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SANFORD — In life, Dalanie Roe Webb was a generous person, wanting to help everyone she could. Thanks to an outpouring of support from the community, her generosity continues after death.

A car accident claimed Dalanie’s life on Aug. 9, 2009. She was only 20 years old. The Mamers, N.C. resident had graduated from Western Harnett High School in 2007, with honors. She was taking classes at Central Carolina Community College’s campuses in Lee and Chatham counties to prepare to apply to the college’s dental program. Her dream was to become a dental assistant or dental hygienist.

Dalanie never got to follow her dream but, because of her, others will be able to achieve that dream.

On March 11, her family and friends, SDR Foundation, and the Central Carolina Jaycees presented a check for $25,000 to Central Carolina Community College President Bud Marchant and CCCC Foundation executive director Diane Glover to endow the Dalanie Roe Webb Dental Scholarship. The interest on the endowment will fund one or more scholarships annually for students in the college’s dental programs.

“We have a number of students who are in financial need,” said Vicky Wesner, the college’s Dental Hygiene Program director. “Our students will certainly appreciate the legacy that Dalanie's family has created in her honor. The spirit of the community support that her family has generated will be a continual reminder that, in sorrow, the heart of mankind can inspire and uplift other individuals in need.”

Starr Webb, Dalanie’s mother, said her daughter would be happy knowing she was helping others.

“She loved everybody and wanted to help everybody she could,” her mother said. “When she got her driver’s license, she said she wanted to be an organ donor.… We just never thought it would be so soon.”

Organs from her daughter’s body have been donated to help others so they can live fuller lives. Now the scholarship endowment will help others live Dalanie’s dream in their career field.

After Dalanie’s death, the Webb family asked the community for help in memorializing her with a scholarship at Central Carolina C.C. The response was immediate and impressive.

Three friends, Paige McCauley, Charles Walker and Daniel Arnold, formed the SDR Foundation to raise funds with a “Sanford Drag Race.” The SDR Foundation worked with the Central Carolina Jaycees to put on the hilarious event at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center in November 2009.

Dalanie would have loved it. Sixteen men from the community volunteered to dress up as women, including high heels, and take part in competitions such as “best legs” to raise money. The event, plus sponsor donations, brought in close to $12,000 for the endowment.

“The family wanted to establish a scholarship because Dalanie enjoyed the college so much,” Walker said. “This helps perpetuate her family here and helps them to heal.”

He added that, now that the SDR Foundation has been created, the friends plan to keep it going to raise money for other causes. The video of the 2009 event will be shown at a venue in Sanford to give the contestants an opportunity to see the show and also spark interest in next year’s Sanford Drag Race fundraising event. Through the SDR Foundation, Dalanie has become the impetus for more good that will be done in the community.

Denny Woodruff, marketing director at the Hampton Inn, in Sanford, is a friend of Dalanie’s sister, Brandy Webb. He offered to head up a golf tournament at Quail Ridge Golf Course. The Nov. 6 tournament raised more than $8,000. The remainder of the endowment funding came from private gifts.

“Everybody has been so wonderful, so helpful — it’s unbelievable,” said Sherrill Webb, Dalanie’s father. “It’s still tough to think about her not being here, but it’s nice to know there’s still a lot of good, caring people.”

Central Carolina C.C. President Bud Marchant said the endowed scholarship is a wonderful way for the family and community to remember Dalanie.

“It’s heartening to see how the family and friends rallied around,” he said. “This scholarship will be there forever, honoring Dalanie and helping students to achieve the dream that she had dreamed for herself.”

For more information about scholarships or endowments, contact the CCCC Foundation at (919) 718-7231 or Glover at The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization affiliated with, but independent of, the college. It receives tax-deductible donations of money and equipment and uses them to promote the educational mission of the college and assist students through scholarships and grants.