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Students graduate Central Carolina C.C


SANFORD — The following students graduated from CentralrnCarolina Community College at the end of the summer semester, earning associaterndegrees, diplomas or certificates.

The graduates are listed by county and credential:

Cabarrus County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Rachel Weast. 

Chatham County

Associate in Arts: JosephrnAdkins.

Associate in Science: KristyrnYoung.

Associate in Applied Science: Mechanical Engineering Technology — Christopher Yarborough; BioprocessrnTechnology — Jerry Baker; Early Childhood — Joyce Clark and Amanda Batchelor;Mechanical Engineering Technology —rnChristopher Kelly; Automotive Systems Technology — Brandon Smith; BioqualityrnTechnology — Anthony Smith; Bioprocess Technology — Erik Farrar and AdamrnPritchard; and Veterinary Medical Technology — Sara Bristol, Brittney Hollandrnand Holly Kidd.

Diploma: MedicalrnAssisting — Kara Hamilton, Trinnie Fletcher, and Judy Snipes; Practical Nursingrn— Crystal Warren, Kelly Rives, Susan Tullis, and Angela Johnson; TransferrnReadiness — Sapphire Devore; and, Dental Assisting — Brooklynn Phillips.

Certificate: ChildrnCare Worker — Monique Milliken; Esthetics Technology — Megan Thomas, FranciscarnHernandez and Angela Wieland; Computer Aided Manufacturing — Brett Munn;rnMedical Insurance Coding — Pamela Watson.

Cumberland County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Amy Montoya and Kimberly Wanovich; andrnTool, Die & Moldmaking — Andrew Kudlak;

Diploma: AutornRestoration — Carl Webb; and Practical Nursing — Kimberly Morrison.

Certificate: Cosmetologyrn— Erica Lee; Library Cataloging — Delilah Thomas; and, Esthetics Technology —rnChristine Nofsker.

Durham County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Sarah Flowers.


Practical Nursing — Mafio Johnson.


Library Cataloging — Mary Kennery.

Guilford County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Christina Wagner and Christen Strader.

Harnett County

Associate in Arts: ShawnarnBracy.

Associate in Applied Science: Business Administration — Pauline Gunn; Early Childhood — Elsie Lee;rnVeterinary Medical Technology — Jennifer Tomkinson, Elizabeth Deal and RebekahrnBoan; Networking Technology — James Metcalf; General Occupational Technology —rnRicky Womble; Office Administration — Joanna Alvarez; Medical OfficernAdministration — Dawn Allen; Early Chilhood/Teacher Associate — Judy Connelly;rnand Broadcasting Production Technology — John Benson.

Diploma: MedicalrnAssisting — Patricia Benson, Marisol Mendoza, Bonnie Pope, Amber Broadwell, andrnAshley Foley; Motorcycle Mechanics — Chase Ketchel and Patrick Fox;Practical Nursing — Valerie McLamb, Bailey Polumbornand Cari Varon; Office Administration — Daphne Williams; Dental Assisting —rnTheresa Feaster, Jennifer Wilson and Chelsea Godfrey; Auto Restoration —rnWilliam Gaschler            ;rnand Paralegal Technology — Doreen Fincher.

Certificate: MedicalrnInsurance Coding — Sandra Abney, Linsey Mason and Stephanie Willis; Child CarernWorker — Leola Beasley; Early Childhood — Esther McDougal, Candice Thompson andrnMorgan McMillen; Hardware Trouble Shooting/Repair — Cynthia Harris; Cosmetologyrn— Jessi Maitland, Jamesia Williams, Tonica Williams, Teddy            Masonrnand Ashley Godwin;  ElectronicsrnTechnology — Jeffrey Cannady; and, News Writing — Alison Minard and AliciarnDeal.

Lee County

Associate in Arts: SandrarnWard, Alejandra Berry, Amber Casper, Dana Kaufman, Tara Ragan, and StanleyrnBailey.  

Associate in Science: PaulrnDvorak Jr., Galen Duffy and Amber Connor.

Associate in Applied Science: Early Chilhood — Ava Spruiell; Medical Office Administration — AnarnFike, Audrey Moore and Nekia Headen; Networking Technology — Samuel Harris;rnBusiness Administration — Benjamin Ryser, Teresa Nicolas and Lawrence Lewis;rnMechanical Engineering Technology — Michae Parker, Brad Kelly and AustinrnAmmons; Bioprocess Technology — Ashley Cram, Cynthia Phillips and PhyllisrnKottcamp; Tool, Die & Moldmaking — David Tomei; Veterinary MedicalrnTechnology — Jessica Norris, Karen Pogmore and Susan Thomas; OfficernAdministration — Terri McKone; Bioquality Technology — Cynthia Phillips; andrnParalegal Technology — Ashley Bourdon. 

Diploma: Accountingrn— Stephanie Hooker; Practical Nursing — Jessica Haithcox, Tonya Tobias, HeatherrnJohnson, Carol McCants, Amanda Satterfield, Morgan Love, Heather Paschal, EddiernRodriguez, Maghan McDonald, and James McNamara;  Medical Assisting — Andrea Douglas, Stephanie Melton, BeulahrnGutierrez, Patti Wicker, Atiya Williams, Brendalyn Blackmon and Barbara Lake;Dental Assisting — Lindsey Hurley andrnKristy Hockaday.

Certificate: HumanrnResources — Bonnie Berryman; Medical Insurance Coding — Linda Hull; Cosmetologyrn— Lisa Hunter; Motorcycle Mechanics — David Ross; Business Operations — JeffreyrnMcMillian; Hardware Trouble Shooting/Repair — Theresa Woods, Christian Bohnakerrnand Daniel Blackwell; Electronics Technology — Adrian Rodriguez; IndustrialrnHydraulics — Randy Donaldson; Library Technical Services — Kathryn Morin;

Child Care Worker — Sara Chippewa; and Esthetics Technologyrn— Jessica Brown.

Johnston County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Jennifer Barefoot and KimberlyrnSchwartz.

Certificate: SustainablernAgriculture — Keith Mulhollem; and Cosmetology — Cierra Treadaway.

Moore County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Amber Allred and Tina MullinsrnWilkinson; Automotive Systems Technology — Brandon Wade.

Diploma: DentalrnAssisting — Shelby Parrott.

Certificate: NetworkrnInfrastructure — Joseph Wood; Infant Toddler — Luz Montero;

Barbering — Justin Oliver; Esthetics Technology — CarolynrnUsher-Cronrath; and Library Technical Services — Meagan Fleming.

Orange County

Certificate: LibraryrnCataloging — Yadira Conyers.

Randolph County

Associate in Arts: MartirnWalton.

Associate in Applied Science: Mechanical Engineering Technology — Robyn Burke; Community Journalism —rnRhonda McCanless; and Veterinary Medical Technology — Toni Ellis.

Diploma: MedicalrnAssisting — Debbie Elmore, Elizabeth French and Megan Langley; and PracticalrnNursing — Tiffany Ellis, Joyce Green and Jonashea Roberts.

Rockingham County

Diploma: Library andrnInformation Technology — Leslie McBride.

Surry County

Associate in Applied Science: Veterinary Medical Technology — Megan Payne.

Wake County

Associate in Arts: MelaniernFlora.

Associate in Applied Science: Tool, Die & Moldmaking — Wes Hunter; Broadcasting ProductionrnTechnology — Trenessa Baker and Eulonda Williams;Early Chilhood — Kieya McKinnie; Veterinary MedicalrnTechnology — Bernadette Lajoie, Corrie Church, Christian Marsini, Ryan Carroll,rnand Kathryn Nixon.

Diploma: DentalrnAssisting — Jessica Dewar and Sharon Neal; Practical Nursing — Gelila Asres;rnMotorcycle Mechanics — Dantwion Harris; Medical Assisting — Katherine Fritz.

Certificate: MotorcyclernMechanics  — Julian Starr.

No County Listed

Diploma: MotorcyclernMechanics — Robert Woods.