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CCCC exceeds state performance standards

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The North Carolina Community College System’s just-released 2009 Performance Measures and Standards ... (more)

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SANFORD — Educational achievement at Central Carolina Community College exceeds standards set by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges, according to the 2009 Performance Funding Measures Report.

The report is part of the 2009 Critical Success Factors Report, just released by the board. The report is based on data from the 2007-08 academic year.

Each of the 58 colleges in the N.C. Community College System has the challenge of meeting or exceeding standards set for eight performance measures adopted by the board. According to the report, the measures are core indicators of student success at the colleges and capture the essential elements of the mission of the state’s community colleges. 

The eight measures are: Progress of Basic Skills Students; Passing Rates on Licensure & Certification Examinations; Performance of College Transfer Students; Passing Rates of Students in Developmental Courses; Success Rate of Developmental Students in Subsequent College-level Courses; Satisfaction of Completers and Non-completers; Curriculum Student Retention, Graduation, and Transfer; and Client Satisfaction with Customized Training.

Central Carolina was one of 26 of the state’s 58 community colleges that met or exceeded all of the performance measures standards. Central Carolina exceeded all of the state’s standards. 

“We are pleased that we exceeded all the state standards for the Performance Measures and Standards and congratulate all those involved in this success,” said Central Carolina Community College President Bud Marchant.  “These scores are a clear indicator of the quality of our academic programs,” he continued.  “We are particularly proud of the ability of our students transferring to one of the UNC system campuses to be successful there.” 

Performance Measures and Standards: 

Each Performance Measure indicates the state standard for the percentage of students achieving, the average percentage of students in all colleges in the N.C. Community College System achieving the standard, and Central Carolina C.C.’s percentage of students achieving the standard. 

1. Progress of Basic Skills Students — This is a composite percentage of adult literacy students progressing within a level of literacy, completing a level or a pre-determined goal, or advancing to a higher level. 

State Performance Standard — 75 percent progressing or completing; N.C. Community College System-wide performance, 82 percent; and Central Carolina C.C. performance, 85 percent. 

2. Passing Rates on Licensure & Certification Examinations — The percentage of first-time test takers passing an exam required for N.C. licensure/certification prior to practicing a profession. 

State Performance Standard — 80 percent; NCCCS, 86 percent; and CCCC, 83 percent. 

3. Performance of College Transfer Students — The academic performance of students from the college transfer program who transferred to a four-year institution compared with students native to the UNC system. 

State Performance Standard — 83 percent achieving a 2.0 (“C”) GPA or better after two semesters; NCCCS, 88 percent; and CCCC, 87 percent. 

Of Central Carolina students who earned an associate degree before transferring, 91 percent had a 2.0 GPA or better at four-year institutions after two semesters. Central Carolina C.C. met the state’s Exceptional Institutional Performance level of performance on this measure.

4. Passing Rates of Students in Developmental Courses — The percent of students who complete developmental English, math, or reading courses with a grade of “C” or better. 
State Performance Standard — 75 percent; NCCCS Performance, 77 percent; and CCCC Performance, 79 percent.

5. Success Rate of Developmental Students in Subsequent College-Level Courses — The performance of English and math developmental course completers in subsequent college-level English and math courses. 

State Performance Standard — 80 percent passing the college level courses; NCCCS Performance, 89 percent; and Central Carolina, 95 percent.

6. Satisfaction of Completers and Non-completers — This is the percentage of graduates and early-leavers who indicate that the quality of the college programs and services met or exceeded their expectations. 

State Performance Standard — 90 percent; NCCCS, 96 percent; and CCCC, 98 percent. 

7. Curriculum Student Retention, Graduation, and Transfer — This is a composite percentage of students who have completed a curriculum program, are still enrolled, or have transferred to a university or another community college. 

State Performance Standard — 65 percent; NCCCS, 69 percent; and CCCC, 69 percent.  

8. Client Satisfaction with Customized Training — The percentage of businesses/industries satisfied with services from Small Business Centers.

State Performance Standard — 90 percent; NCCCS, 94 percent; and CCCC, 96 percent. 

For the full 2009 Critical Success Factors report for the N.C. Community College System, go to: