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Theatre classes to be offered in Chatham County this fall

08.17.2004Curriculum Programs

Pittsboro, NC — Central Carolina Community Collegern (CCCC) is offering two beginning theatre classes in Chathamrn County this fall.

rn“rnIntroduction to Theatre” will give students a foundation in the basicsrnof theatre arts.   The course will explore the history of theatre andrnacting as well as the fundamentals of stagecraft, lighting, directing and costumes.  Studentsrnwill have the opportunity to view theatre performances and participate in hands-onrnactivities.   The course will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays,rnbeginning Thursday, August 19 through Friday, December 16, 2004, from 8:00-9:15rna.m. on the Chatham County Campus in Pittsboro.

rn“rnReaders Theatre” gives students the opportunity to learn basic acting andrnperformance skills.  Students will learn a variety of acting techniquesrnusing both scripted and non-scripted materials as well as actual theatre performances.  Therncourse will be held Thursdays beginning August 17 through December 16, 2004,rnfrom 6:00-8:40 p.m. on the Chatham County Campus in Pittsboro.

rnEllen Bland, CCCC humanities instructor and director of the critically acclaimedrnplay, Millworker, will teach both courses.   Class registration willrnbe held on Wednesday, August 16 and Thursday, August 17, 2004 at both the ChathamrnCounty Campus in Pittsboro and the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center in Sanford. 

rnFor more information about the courses contact Ellen Bland at ebland@cccc.edurnor (919) 718-7242.