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Shawtown Center to host concert

Shawtown Center to host concert

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The Falcon Park Jazz Orchestra will perform at thern Central Carolina Community ... (more)

04.05.2005Arts & EntertainmentContinuing Education

LILLINGTON--The Falcon Park Jazz Orchestra will performrn in concert at the Shawtown Center of Central Carolinarn Community College (CCCC) on Saturday, April 9, at 7:00rn p.m.  

The orchestra will perform big band, jazz and swingrn selections at the concert, which was organized by thern Shawtown Center and its community partner, Food Lion.   Bothrn groups hope to make a contribution to the community throughrn their partnership.   Admission to the concert isrn free with a donation to Food Lion's Children's Miraclern Network.  

The Falcon Park Jazz Orchestra concert is part of anrn ongoing family-oriented concert series to promote thern Race 4 Literacy campaign in Harnett County.  

Race 4 Literacy is the North Carolina Community Collegern System's statewide public awareness campaign for adultrn basic skills and literacy.   The campaign aims torn reach every household in North Carolina with the messagern that basic skills and literacy are a critical part ofrn the solution to the state's economical problems.  

For more information on the concert or the Race 4 Literacyrn campaign in Harnett County, call the CCCC Shawtown Centerrn at 910-814-1123.   The Shawtown Center is encouragingrn activities in Harnett County communities as the countyrn celebrates its 150 th anniversary.