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Broadway teachers get special treatment

Broadway teachers get special treatment

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CCCC esthetics and skin care student Tanisha Amaralrn gives Broadway Elementary ... (more)

05.02.2005College & CommunityCurriculum ProgramsSpecial Events

BROADWAY–A few Broadway Elementary teachers gotrn a break from their typical Monday morning routine thisrn week. For the better part of an hour, instead of teachingrn English, math or history, one teacher from each grade–kindergartenrn through fifth–received a lesson in relaxation,rn courtesy of the esthetics and skin care program at Centralrn Carolina Community College (CCCC).

rn As part of the Broadway Elementary PTO’s Teacherrn Appreciation Week, teachers whose names were drawn outrn of a hat–Kaycey McLaughlin, kindergarten, Debrarn Jackson, first grade, Jennifer Goodwin, second grade,rn Shannon Thomas, third grade, Priscilla Brower, fourthrn grade, and Jean Williams, fifth grade–receivedrn free facial and skin treatment.

rn Each of the lucky teachers relaxed to soothing musicrn while receiving treatment and a massage from CCCC estheticsrn students Tanisha Amaral, Jill Bond, Monica Cauch andrn Liz Mason.

rn “rn It took about 40 minutes and it was wonderful,” McLaughlinrn said. “Much different from teaching kindergarten.”

rn “rn If I could do this every so often, it wouldn’trn be so bad,” she said.

rn Brower said on a normal Monday morning she would be “teachingrn math to a group that doesn’t want to be quiet.” Instead,rn she was able to unwind before she started prepping herrn students for End-of-Grade testing. “It was relaxing.rn I almost went to sleep,” Brower said.

rn Although Brower said this was her first time receivingrn a facial, it will not be her last. “It was excellent.rn I’m going to go back.”

rn She said, because it was so relaxing, she plans to makern it part of her summer schedule. “As soon as I getrn out of summer school I’m going to get a facial.”

rn The PTO also made sure every Broadway Elementary facultyrn and staff member received a gift certificate for a freern treatment from the CCCC esthetics clinic.

rn Anyone can walk-in or schedule an appointment for a facialrn from the esthetics and skin care program at CCCC. Forrn more information on the program or to schedule an appointment,rn call 919-718-7418.rn