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‘Local dinner’ to benefit CCCC program


CARRBORO — When Carrboro’s community-ownedrn Italian eatery, Panzanella, holds its local dinner night,rn 10 percent of restaurant sales will benefit the Centralrn Carolina Community College (CCCC) Sustainable Agriculturern program, which is offered at the Pittsboro campus.

rn Panzanella is sponsoring its “Totally Local Dinner” Wednesday,rn August 31 from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

rn The “Totally Local Dinner” will feature arn menu of foods created from ingredients produced and purchasedrn within a 250-mile radius of Carrboro.

rn Panzanella is located at 101 East Weaver Street in Carrboro.

rn Parties of six or more should call (919) 929-6626 torn make a reservation.

rn For more information, visit

rn For more information on the CCCC Sustainable Agriculturern program, visit the college website (, contactrn program coordinator Robin Kohanowich at (919) 542-6495,rn extension 229, or e-mail her at