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Central Carolina C.C. receives 69 applicants for college presidency

Central Carolina C.C. receives 69 applicants for college presidency

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Dr. Matt Garrett

04.07.2008Admin, Faculty & Staff

SANFORDrn- A total of 69 applications from 31 states have been received for the positionrnof the next president of Central Carolina Community College.

PresidentrnMatt Garrett, who has served in that position since August 2004, retires inrnSeptember. Garrett announced his retirement in October to allow time for thernboard of trustees to search for his successor.

Thernboard held a forum in January to receive input from the public on the qualitiesrnthey want in the new president. A Presidential Search Committee was appointedrnby the board to assist in the search. The committee met March 31 and will takern10 days to evaluate the applications, choosing the semi-finalists on April 10.rnThe committee will then obtain additional information on them and select fourrnto six finalists by May 5.

"Oncernthe finalists are submitted to the board of trustees, the committee's work willrnbe concluded," said Dr. Donny Hunter, executive director of the N.C.rnAssociation of Community College Trustees and the board's consultant for thernsearch. "The final selection of the new president will be made by the fullrnboard of trustees."

Therntrustees will interview the finalists in June and submit three names to thernN.C. State Board of Community Colleges for approval at the state board's Augustrnmeeting. The announcement of Central Carolina C.C's next president isrntentatively scheduled for August.

Thern18-member Presidential Search Committee includes representatives from therncollege's service area of Lee, Harnett and Chatham counties: trustees -rnCommittee Chairman Bill Wilson, Clem Medley, Julian Philpott, and FrancesrnWarner; Central Carolina C.C. administrators - Ken Hoyle and Bill Tyson;rnfaculty - Lisa Key Brown, Robert Powell, Barbara Rusher, and Edwin Thomas;rnsupport staff - Linda Spivey; and community representatives - Bob Heuts, DennisrnWicker, Joe McDonald, Margaret Murchison, and Dr. Howard James.

Whenrnhe retires, Garrett will have served 30 years in the North Carolina CommunityrnCollege System, 21 of them at CCCC. His retirement date of Sept. 1 isrnthe date he started working at the college back in 1987. During his years atrnCCCC, he served as dean of students, psychology and sociology instructor, executivernvice president/chief academic officer, and president.

In itsrn46-year history, CCCC has had only four presidents: Dr. William A. Martin,rn1961-1969; Dr. Jeff "J.F." Hockaday, 1969-1983; Dr. Marvin R. Joyner,rn1983-2004; and Dr. Matt Garrett, 2004-2008.