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McNeill chosen as CCCC Educational Office Professional of the Year

McNeill chosen as CCCC Educational Office Professional of the Year

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Debra McNeill (left), of Sanford, has been chosen as the Educational Office Professional of the Ye ... (more)

06.23.2008Admin, Faculty & Staff

SANFORD — Debra McNeill, of Sanford, has been selected asrnthe Central Carolina Community College Educational Office Professional of thernYear by the college’s Association of Educational Office Professionals.

She was presented with the award during the CCCC AEOP AwardsrnDay, held April 30 at the Oriental Palace, in Sanford. McNeill served two termsrnas the organization’s president, 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 and also received thernPast President’s Award.

McNeill has been the Basic Skills secretary at the college’srnJonesboro Center for almost seven years. She has served at the District 7 andrnstate levels of the North Carolina AEOP.

McNeill is now in the running for the Educational OfficernProfessional of the Year for District 7, which includes Asheboro City Schoolsrnand Anson, Lee, Moore, Montgomery, Randolph, Richmond, Scotland, Stanly, andrnUnion county school districts and community colleges. That winner will bernannounced at the district meeting in the fall.

The North Carolina AEOP is a 2,800-member professional organizationrnfor all educational office support staff statewide. Each of its 14 districtsrnselects an EOP of the Year and the statewide winner is selected from amongrnthem. That winner will be announced at the NCAEOP Conference in March 2009.

At its Awards Day, the college’s AEOP alsorninstalled new officers: Martha Youngblood, administrative assistant to Dr.rnStephen Athans, dean of vocational and technical programs, is the newrnpresident. Brenda Willett, retired telecommunications administrative assistant,rnis the president-elect. Zhyra Barber, administrative assistant at the college’srnLee County Small Business Center, is the vice president. Kay Faucette,rnadministrative specialist/facility coordinator at the Dennis A. Wicker CivicrnCenter, is the treasurer, and Charlotte Baggett, administrative specialist forrnthe Continuing Education Department, is the secretary.