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Jumping good time at CCCC Harnett Activity Day

Jumping good time at CCCC Harnett Activity Day

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Kim Bledsoe grabbed some air during Activity Day at the Harnett CountyrnCampus of Central Carolina ... (more)

Jumping good time at CCCC Harnett Activity Day

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Cosmetology students (from front) Amanda Honeycutt, of Mamers, JenniernHayden, of Sanford, and Virginia ... (more)


LILLINGTON - Flying high is not what Kim Bledsoe, a medicalrnassistant student, usually does when she’s at Central CarolinarnCommunity College’s Harnett County Campus.

Thursday, she gave it a try - and had a blast.

Bledsoernwas one of many students, faculty and staff who enjoyed the campus’srnFall Activity Day, an afternoon of games and good food. She wasrn“flying” on the Tramp Jump, a trampoline equipped with posts and arnharness to hold jumpers so they can leap high, even do somersaults.

“I’m really enjoying it,” Bledsoe, a Coats resident, said of Activity Day. “It’s the first time I’ve come and it’s fun.”

Eachrnfall, about mid-way through the first semester, each of the college’srncampuses holds an Activity Day sponsored by the Student GovernmentrnAssociation at each campus. The days are planned to be relaxing and fun.

“There’srnmore to college than studying and books,” said Harnett Provost BillrnTyson. “The Activity Day is an opportunity for the students to getrntogether. They don’t get much chance for this because they come fromrnfar and wide. Today, they’re together for food, fun and fellowship.rnIt’s good for us all.”

When participantsrnwere not leaping on the trampoline or crawling through and over anrninflated obstacle course with slides, eating was the favorite activity.rnStudents, faculty and staff were lined up for the hot dogs andrnhamburgers, with fixin’s, being served in the school’s cafeteria.

Itrnwas all-you-can-eat and it was all free. Some munched away seated atrntables in the cafeteria while others took advantage of the big shaderntrees and picnic area to enjoy fresh air and sunshine with their food.

Inrnthe cafeteria, four second-year Cosmetology students, VirginiarnStephenson, of Fuquay-Varina; Amanda Honeycutt, of Mamers; and AshleyrnMassa and Jennie Hayden, of Sanford; were enjoying lunch and a shortrnbreak from classes.

“This is wonderful,” Massa said of Activity Day. “It’s great to mingle with everybody.”

Honeycutt took another bite of her hamburger and smiled.

 “And it’s free food,” she said.