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CCCC hosts American Enterprise Day speakers

Click to enlarge CCCC hosts American Enterprise Day speakers

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Nov. 12 rnPaul Cwik, Ph.D., adjunct scholar with the Foundation for EconomicrnEducation and associate ... (more)

Click to enlarge CCCC hosts American Enterprise Day speakers

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Nov. 15 rnDerek Yonai, Ph.D., J.D., Lundy Chair of Business Philosophy and arnprofessor of economics ... (more)

11.09.2007Special Events

SANFORD — Entrepreneurship, capitalism, and economic growth will bernthe subjects of two lectures at the American Enterprise Symposiumrnsponsored by the Central Carolina Community College business facultyrnand members of Phi Beta Lamba business student association.

PaulrnCwik, Ph.D., adjunct scholar with the Foundation for Economic Educationrnand an associate professor of economics at Mount Olive College, willrndiscuss “Entrepreneurship: The Engine of Economic Growth.” The lecturerntakes place at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 12, in the Lecture Hall of thernDennis A. Wicker Civic Center on the Lee County Campus, 1105 KellyrnDrive.

Derek Yonai, Ph.D., J.D., LundyrnChair of Business Philosophy and a professor of economics at CampbellrnUniversity, will speak on entrepreneurship and capitalism at 6:30 p.m.rnThursday, Nov. 15, in the Miriello Building Multipurpose Room at therncollege’s Harnett Campus, 1075 E. Cornelius Harnett Blvd., Lillington.

A reception will follow both lectures.

Inrn1979, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed Nov. 15 as American EnterprisernDay to promote appreciation for the American free enterprise systemrnthat has provided the nation with one of the highest standards ofrnliving in the world.

Cwik earned hisrnbachelor’s degree from Hillsdale College, master’s, from TulanernUniversity and doctorate from Auburn University. He has taught atrnseveral colleges and universities. He has presented academic papers tornthe Southern Economic Association, the Society for the Development ofrnAustrian Economics, the Prague Conference on Political Economy, and atrnthe Austrian Scholars Conferences.

Hernhas been published in academic journals, including The Quarterly Reviewrnof Austrian  Economics, New Perspectives on Political Economy: ArnBilingual Interdisciplinary Journal, and Business Ethics: A EuropeanrnReview. He is also a reviewer of Essays in Economic and BusinessrnHistory and The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. He has alsornpublished in The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty. Additionally, hisrndissertation was cited by The Wall Street Journal in February 2006.

Dr.rnYonai earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University ofrnCalifornia at Irvine and graduated cum laude from Whittier Law Schoolrnin Costa Mesa, Calif. He earned both a master’s and a doctorate inrneconomics from George Mason University. 

Yonairnconducts research in the fields of political economy, Austrianrneconomics, and legal history. The Lundy Chair of Business Philosophyrnwhich he has held since 2003, was endowed in 1975 by Burrows T. Lundy,rnfounder of Lundy Packing Company in Clinton. The purpose of the chairrnis to promote the principles of free enterprise, individual liberty,rnand minimal government.