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CCCC sponsors ‘Community Dialog Across Borders’

12.03.2007Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Department at Central Carolina CommunityrnCollege’s Chatham County Campus teamed with the Hispanic Liaison ofrnChatham County to present a two-day event, ‘Community Dialog AcrossrnBorders’, Nov. 9 at the college’s Pittsboro Campus and Nov. 10 atrnFearrington Village. The event combined visual and literary arts torngenerate dialog about Latino immigration and its socio-economic andrncultural impact. Serving as a panel for the event to respond torncomments and questions from the audience were (from left) Paul Cuadros,rnaward-winning journalist and author of ‘A Home on the Field’: MarisolrnJimenez McGee, advocacy director for El Pueblo, Inc.; Ilana Dubester,rndirector, Hispanic Liaison; Josť Galvez, Pulitzer Prize winningrnphotographer; and Hector Tobar, Pulitzer Prize winning author andrnjournalist.