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Central Carolina C.C.'s Red Clay Review seeks submissions

04.09.2008ClubsCurriculum Programs

SANFORD - Red Clay Review, the literary magazine of Central CarolinarnCommunity College, is accepting poetry and prose submissions for itsrnfourth annual issue, to be published in August.

Thernliterary magazine plans to publish a variety of voices from those bothrnwithin and around the college. Submissions are invited from current andrnformer students, faculty and staff, as well as residents of the collegernservice area, Chatham, Harnett and Lee counties.

The submission deadline is May 10.

"Thernrural South has a long and storied literary tradition," said MollyrnLuby, Central Carolina C.C. English instructor. "The Red Clay Review isrnlooking for fresh and interesting local voices to carry on thatrntradition."

People who may have keptrntheir journal entries, prose writings, or poems to themselves arerninvited to send in their literary expressions, she said. Instructorsrnshould encourage students to submit their unique or interesting prosernor poetry.

Submission guidelines for the Red Clay Review:

·rnProse submissions are limited to 1,200 words, typed and double-spaced;rnpoetry is limited to three submissions. The name, address, phonernnumber, and word count must appear in the upper left of the first pagernof each submission; electronic submission are preferred, but notrnrequired.

Submit prose or poetry to KimrnOvercash ( in Chatham County, Joy Hewett in LeernCounty (, and David Hartman ( inrnHarnett County. For more information, contact Molly Luby at (919)rn718-7270 or