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Grant funds will enhance vocational instruction


SANFORD — Central Carolina Community College (CCCC)rn has been awarded $30,000 in grant funds to support vocationalrn education instruction.

rn “rn These funds are designated for instructional quality enhancement,” saidrn John Slade, CCCC vice president of instruction. “Somern of the specific professional development topics we havern in mind are topics such as today's students and their connectionrn to technology and problem-based learning.”

rn The project is called Enhancing Instructional Quality andrn it will address numerous issues related to instructionrn throughout the year.

rn Five objectives will guide the project. Through sessionsrn and materials provided, participants will: learn how torn promote a student-centered learning environment; increasern their knowledge and understanding of different approachesrn to learning; build skills in the selection of technologiesrn to fit their specific instructional style; explore instructionalrn strategies, such as problem-based learning, and discoverrn ways to incorporate these strategies into their classes;rn and gain a better understanding of how to make instructionrn more accessible to different types of learners.

rn “rn Participants will explore some of the hottest topics inrn vocational education and acquire skills for immediate usern in the classroom,” said Celia Hurley, CCCC distancern education coordinator.

rn “rn We are particularly pleased that we are able to partnerrn with the League for Innovation in the Community Collegern to provide several of the presentations.”

rn Hurley said the program will not be limited to CCCC faculty. “Byrn inviting faculty from across the North Carolina Communityrn College System to participate in the sessions and conference,rn CCCC is making a statewide impact on faculty developmentrn with a very limited budget,” she said.

rn Slade said funds for the project, which is intended torn make classroom instruction more relevant and interactive,rn are limited to vocational instructors and instruction.

rn All funds must be used in accordance with Title I, Sectionrn 124 of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Educationrn Act of 1998.