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CCCC receives gift from state veterinary academy

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Central Carolina Community College Presidentrn Dr. Marvin Joyner (left) ... (more)


Sanford, NC — The veterinary medical technologyrn program at Central Carolina Community College (CCCC)rn will benefit from a recent $1,000 donation by the Northrn Carolina Academy of Small Animal Medicine (NCASAM). 

rn Sue Stephens, NCASAM president, presented the check to CCCC’s President,rn Dr. Marvin Joyner, during a recent NCASAM conference at the Dennis A. Wickerrn Civic Center.  NCASAM has supported CCCC’s veterinary medical technologyrn program for the past 15 years.

rn“ Each year, this money helps us purchase equipment and supplies that werncan’t buy with our state budget allotment,” explained Dr. Paul Porterfield,rnveterinary medical technology chair.  “This money will also enablernus to assist students in our program financially.”

rn CCCC was the first of two community colleges in North Carolina to offer veterinaryrn medical technology.  Students receive an associate of applied sciencern upon graduation.  The program is offered during the weekdays at the Leern County Campus in Sanford.