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Drug Collection Specialist


The course follows the current ASPT National Phlebotomy Certification guidelines for drug collections.

Upon completion of this course, candidates are eligible for the ASPT Drug Collection specialist Exam.

Course Topics

  • Different types of collections
  • Custody and control forms
  • Donor identifications
  • Utilized procedures for collections
  • How to address common problems that may occur during collections.

Employment Opportunities

  • Clinics
  • Labs
  • Hospitals

Program Length

Classroom 16 hrs
Classroom-based Lab 12 hrs
TOTAL 28 hours

Program Costs

Amount due at Registration:

Registration fee $ 120.00
Liability Insurance $ 5.00
Student Accident Insurance $ 1.25
TOTAL $ 126.25

Student Admission Requirements

  • US issued High School Diploma or GED
  • US issued Social Security Card
  • Driver's license or DMV Photo ID
  • Successful completion of Phlebotomy Technician course

Program Completion Requirement

  • Attend 85% of the class
  • Successful completion of lab practical simulation

Other Course Suggestions

  • EKG Technician
  • Cardiac Monitoring technician
  • Spanish
  • CPR Certification