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Cardiac / ECG Monitoring Technician Training Program


The Cardiac/ECG Monitoring Technician Program will pre- pare individuals to recognize and report changes in a patient's heart rhythm.

The student will learn anatomy and physiology of the heart with emphasis on circulation and the conduction system. Principles of ECG and dysrhythmia recognition will be taught to enable the student to recognize familiar ECG patterns, including major life threatening rhythms.

The course will consist of theory, lab, and classroom-based clin- ical experience to promote competence in recognizing rhythms and interpreting rhythm strips.

Employment Opportunities

The Cardiac / ECG Monitoring Technician may be employed in hospitals and specialty care units.

Program Length

Classroom 44 hrs
Lab 16 hrs
Classroom Based Clinical 20 hrs
TOTAL 80 hours

Program Costs

  • Textbooks are available at the CCCC Bookstore and are required. Because of price variations from year to year, textbook prices are not listed. Call the campus bookstore for textbook prices.
  • No clinical externship is required for this class. There will be a classroom-based clinical setting.
  • No uniform is required for this class.

Student Admission Requirements

  • 18 yrs or older
  • U.S. issued H.S. diploma or GED
  • Photo ID (driver's license)
  • U.S. issued Social Security Card
  • Successful completion of Healthcare Readiness Course
  • Suggest:
    • EKG/ECG Technician Course
    • CPR Course
    • Computer Course
    • Spanish Class

Program Completion Requirement

  • Student must maintain a course average of 75 or above
  • Attend 85% of the 80 hours
  • Satisfactory completion of a cardiac monitoring lab practical.