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Planning Council Committee

The Planning Council Committee promotes institutional quality and validates that Central Carolina Community College engages in an ongoing, integrated, institution-wide process of planning and outcomes assessment for the purpose of continuous improvement.

Specific Duties

  • Engage in thoughtful discussion and provide guidance and assistance related to various institutional effectiveness issues, such as planning/review/budgeting process, performance measures, institutional accreditation, and student learning outcomes, including general education competencies
  • Review and summarize assessment data and recommend appropriate action to college leaders based on assessment findings
  • Determine specific training needs related to institutional effectiveness, identify qualified trainers, and coordinate training sessions for employees
  • Review assessment tools and approaches for appropriateness and to ensure confidentiality
  • Submit committee recommendations to the college's senior leadership for consideration

*The full committee will have oversight of any IE sub-committee performing the above duties.

Planning Council Committee Members 2014-2015


  • Dr. Linda Scuiletti, Associate Vice President, Student Learning & Strategic Planning SACSCOC Liaison
  • Stormy Mascitelli, Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Research, Co-Chair
  • Kevin Pearson, Coordinator of Accreditation & QEP, Co-Chair


  • Brian Merritt
  • Cathy Woelfle
  • Emily Hare
  • Heather Willett
  • Jamie Childress
  • Jamie Wicker
  • Kevin Pearson
  • Lisa Baker
  • Marcie Dishman
  • Michelle Powell
  • Mitchell Carr
  • Executive Director of HR
  • Morgan Steele
  • Summerlin Page
  • Tommy Holder
  • Virginia Brown
  • Willie Palme
  • Vacant