Student Spotlight:
Emily Smith, Overhills High School

Emily Smith

Grade: Northwood High School
Pathway: Dental Hygiene
Future Plans: Attend CCCC

This month's Student Spotlight features Ms. Emily Smith, a senior at Overhills High School. Emily gives her perspective on her awesome experience within the CCP Program.

What have you gained from the CCP program and how do you feel this program prepares you for college?

This was the first time I took an online course, and I had a very good experience. It helped me prepare for other online classes I plan to take in the future. CCP also helped me manage my time to make sure assignments were due on time. By taking the SOC-210 class, I learned how to better interact with others and get a feel for other people's problems and learning about different people's lifestyles.

What advice would you give to future CCP participants?

Definitely take a CCP class and get the free college credit! Make sure you manage your time and when the instructor tells you to print your course calendar/syllabus, do it! Tape it in your calendar for each week so you know when assignments are due in advance.

CTE Pathway Offering: Laser Photonics Technology

Are you a problem solver? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Are you curious how things work? Do you like math and science? If yes, then the laser and photonics technology program at CCCC is just for you. Students in the program gain an understanding of the application of electronics, fiber optics, photonics, and laser principles. Students comprehend the utilization of new technologies in a variety of medical, industrial, and business environments. All instruction is hands-on, allowing for students to prepare for real world scenarios.

Students can seek employment as laser technicians, manufacturing test technicians, fiber optic technicians, field service engineers, and electronic technicians. The annual starting salary for graduates is between $35,000-$60,000 per year depending on experience and credentials earned. Jobs in this field can be found locally and nationally. CCCC Laser and Photonic Technology graduates can be found across the United States.

The program is two years and students will earn an associate in applied science degree in laser and photonics technology. Classes are offered at the Harnett Main Campus in Lillington, NC. Instructional facilities include 2 innovative electronic labs and 4 state-of-the-art laser labs.

Visit the Laser and Photonics Technology website for more information about the program.

Resources for Students Ready for Work: Earning College Credit in the Military

While many high school graduates are prepping for their move into a college dorm, there are some who are prepping to move into the barracks. Those are the students who have decided to enlist in the military. In the military, there are many educational opportunities a student can choose; from the Community College of the Air Force, to a service academy such as West Point, to using the GI Bill, or Tuition Assistance for college.

Every enlisted member of the Air Force is a student of the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF). You are automatically a student when you enlist. Airmen can obtain an associate of applied science degree in one of the 67 programs they offer. It is estimated 18,000 students earn a degree from CCAF each year.

Classes are specialized in certain areas and upon leaving the Air Force, you could find yourself a step ahead in the competitive job market. Classes can be online or in classrooms, depending on where you're stationed. The Air Force (and other services) also offer tuition assistance if you choose to take college courses somewhere else other than CCAF. Those who choose the military earn money, have the opportunity to further their education, and proudly serve the country.

College Transfer at a Glance: Make Your Way to Meredith College!

Meredith University

With the vast amount of North Carolina colleges and universities within the state, one can say there are many different entities and identities within your own backyard. Whether there's a pack of wolves over here, pirates in the east, or maybe even a few blue devils here and there, nothing can compare to having an Avenging Angel by your side!

Meredith College, located within our state's capital, is a liberal arts institution. Meredith strives to prepare students for challenges they may face in society as they learn to develop leadership skills while earning a quality education. Meredith is home to approximately 2,000 students within 37 different majors in undergraduate, graduate, licensure, and pre-professional programs. With 125 years of historical significance to date, Meredith upholds a close-knit family and academic atmosphere as the student-to-faculty ratio maintains at 12:1.

For students interested in extracurricular activities, Meredith provides students with the opportunity to participate in Division II Athletics as well as many other performance related programs such as dance troupes, vocal ensembles, and more. As a student at Meredith College, the opportunities are endless!

Meredith College values itself on personal development, academic excellence, integrity, and a host of many more core objectives to promote the strong foundation of the college. As a member of the Meredith family, one would definitely feel right at home. So, if you are ready to make your way to Meredith, just remember, there's an Avenging Angel right by your side!

For more information on Meredith College, visit

Resources for Students Going to College: Time to Pack!

Going away to college can be an exciting and scary time. For those students who are moving into a dorm at college, it's important to not overpack! Most dorm rooms are small and will have to accommodate 2 people's belongings and furniture. To ensure that you only bring with you what you will actually need and use, take a glance at the top 15 things that are must haves in your new home. Remember, several of these items only need to be purchased by one roommate. Communicating about not only what each of you will contribute to the room, but also your expectations, is important before you each make your big move.

  1. Clothes/Shoes
  2. Hangers
  3. Sheets
  4. Towels
  5. Shower caddy
  6. Shower flip flops
  7. Chip Clips
  8. Small trash can
  9. Over the door hook
  10. Laundry bag
  11. Pictures/posters
  12. Command strips
  13. Futon
  14. Mini-fridge
  15. Microwave

Central Carolina Works Director's Spotlight

Summer is calling!

May has been a great month full of wonderful activities and happenings. The advisors have been preparing for the end of the school year, while also preparing for next fall. The 1st annual Welcome Day event took place, bringing over 100 students from Lee County Schools that have applied to attend CCCC in the fall. The team is excited to host the 2nd annual Summer Symposium for area teachers at the end of June. New student registration will begin on June 6th. We anticipate a large number of CCP students next year. CCW is so excited to be part of ceremonies, award nights, and graduations! This is always a great way to end the year.

Take Care,

Virginia Mallory, Director of Secondary Partnerships

"Oh, the places you'll go!" ~Dr. Suess

Points of Interest

Welcome Day

Welcome Day:
Central Carolina Works, Student Outreach and Recruitment, College Success Center, and Lee County Schools hosted the first annual Welcome Day event. Welcome Day was held on May 19th in the CCCC gym on the Lee Main Campus. Over a 100 students from Lee County and Southern Lee High Schools that have applied to enroll at CCCC in the Fall attended the event. We want to celebrate their decision to attend CCCC. Students signed up for a customized New Student Orientation (NSO) scheduled in June, received a welcome packet and t-shirt, greeted by senior administrators, faculty, and staff, played basketball, corn hole, and had lunch. We want to make sure our high school students transition smoothly to the college. Next year we will implement Welcome Days in Chatham and Harnett Counties.

Caterpillar Apprenticeship Graduation/Induction:
The Caterpillar Welding apprenticeship graduated X number of students and inducted X number of students on May 19th. The ceremony was held at Caterpillar and was attended by many distinguished guests.

Harnett Health Sciences Academy Induction/Banquet:
The 2nd annual HHSA induction/banquet is scheduled for June 9th at the CCCC Harnett Health Sciences Center. 27 new members will be inducted.

2016 Summer Symposium: Bridging Education and Careers:
The 2nd annual summer conference presented by Central Carolina Works will be held on June 28th and 29th. This year, high school English teachers will have the opportunity to work with business and industry leaders to make further connections between the classroom and world-of-work. Please work to encourage the teachers that have been invited to participate, register by May 31.

Decision Day at LCHS:
Pictured below are Lee County High School seniors who will be enrolling at CCCC in the Fall. Congratulations on choosing to continue your education after high school!

Welcome Day

CCP Program Updates

spring 2016
  • The NCCCS has approved a new CCP College Transfer Pathway leading to the Associate in Engineering. More information coming soon.
  • Benchmarks for the revised SAT assessment have been approved and can be found in the updated CCP Operating Procedures located the NCCCS website.
  • An updated dual-credit chart will be available soon from DPI.