Student Spotlight: Jamal James, Southern Lee High School

School: Southern Lee High School

Pathway: Business & Accounting

Certification: Entrepreneur Certificate

GPA: 3.270

What have you learned from participating in CCW?

I have learned that your time management has to be very good. You have to stay on top of deadlines. You also can't be afraid to email your teachers and ask questions.

What advice would you give students who are trying to decided if they should participate in CCW?

They definitely should. It prepares you for college. College teachers don't take late work whereas high school teachers will allow it. It stresses to stay on top of your game and always stay focused.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I plan to go to ECU or UNC-Charlotte to major in Business Management and eventually get a Masters Degree. I want to be a business operating manager and eventually an entrepreneur.

CTE Pathway Offering: Pathway to a Career in Dental Assisting

CCW is pleased to announce that Dental Assisting will be a pathway available to high school students participating in dual enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year. This pathway will lead students to a Sterilization Technology Certification from CCCC. Ideally, students will continue their education in a Dental Assisting program after high school graduation to maximize employment opportunities.

This pathway is made up of 6 classes:

  • ACA 115 Success and Study Skills
  • DEN 100 Basic Orofacial Anatomy
  • DEN 111 Infection/Hazard Control
  • DEN 103 Dental Sciences
  • HSC 110 Orientation to Health Careers
  • PSY 150 General Psychology

These classes will be available in a combination of online and seated delivery methods and are available to juniors and seniors in Chatham, Harnett, and Lee Counties.

For more information see the 2016-2017 CCP Course Guide available on CCCC's website. For more information about the Dental Assisting program at CCCC, see their program webpage.

Resources for Students Ready for Work: Career Help at Your Fingertips!

Each county that CCCC serves has a Career Center. These Career Centers offer a variety of services to those seeking employment. One service involves career exploration. The staff utilizes a variety of assessments to match job seekers with career fields. They are then able to discuss educational requirements and certifications or degrees CCCC offers.

Other services include resume and cover letter writing. Not only do they provide resources but the staff will also meet with students to prepare these documents. Assistance can then be given in the job search process. Once a job interview has been offered the Career Center can help a student prepare and know how best to follow up with the interview committee.

For access to these valuable Career Center resources visit their website. Contact information is also available which can be utilized for scheduling an appointment with the staff in your count.

College Transfer at a Glance: Fly Away to Elizabeth City State University!

Elizabeth City State University

Elizabeth City State University (ECSU), a liberal arts university, is one of the 16 state universities in North Carolina. Located near the coast, it is just a short drive from the Virginia border and is one of five public historically black colleges and universities in North Carolina. Considered a small, rural college, ECSU is home to just over 3,000 undergraduate students and offers students a number of opportunities including over 30 clubs and organizations and Division II athletics. This university is certainly one to consider for students interested in a public university, but wanting a smaller campus experience. ECSU also offers rolling admissions which allows students to be admitted up until August 1st.

One of ECSU's most notable programs is their Aviation Science program which is the only 4-year program of it's kind in the state. Students interested in aviation can specialize in one of the following 4 areas: Flight Education/Professional Pilot, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Management, and Avionics. With its location near large and small cities, manufacturers, military installations and government agencies, ECSU provides both students and graduates many opportunities in the field of aviation both during their time in the program and upon graduation.

For more information on ECSU, their Aviation Science program, or any of their other program offerings visit their website.

Resources for Students Going to College: Meet College Deadlines with the Help of Texting

Up Next is a new initiative for students that sends reminders via text message about a number of topics including college application deadlines, choosing a college, testing deadlines, FAFSA information, and federal student loan information. The messages are short, simple, and to the point - exactly what busy students needs during their last year of high school! Students are even able to customize their messages so that they are receiving texts relevant to their future goals.

Signing up for this service is free, but keep in mind that text messaging and data rates do apply. Interested students can go to their to sign up and reap the benefits of this program.

Central Carolina Works Director's Spotlight

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful and restful holiday break. CCW is glad to be back! We look forward to starting a new semester and being part of the registration process for next year. We have several new pathway opportunities that students will be able to take advantage of next year! I have noted several points of interest below.

Take care,
Virginia B. Mallory, Director of Secondary Partnerships

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
~B.B. King

Points of Interest:

Updated course guides for each county have been completed and shared. The course guide can be found on our website.

New CTE Pathways Coming Fall 2016!

  • Computer-Aided Drafting Design Technology
  • Dental Assisting
  • Health and Fitness Science
  • Health Information Technology
  • Veterinary Medical Technology
  • Welding Apprenticeship in Harnett County

Personnel Updates: CCW is excited to welcome two new team members, Megan Ferguson and Megan Erstad! Megan Ferguson is the new advisor at Harnett Central High School and Megan Erstad is the new advisor at Overhills High School. Both Megans bring wonderful backgrounds to the program and will do an excellent job for CCW! Welcome!

CCP Program Updates

NC Career & College Promise
High School Fall 2014 Enrollment Fall 2015 Enrollment
Chatham Central High School 31 56
Jordan Matthews High School 62 89
Northwood High School 60 120
Lee County High School 73 131
Southern Lee High School 76 145
Harnett Central High School 31 49
Triton High School 54 79
Overhills High School 25 70
Western Harnett High School 17 58

The Career and College Promise Operating Procedures were updated in October. Several positive changes and updates have been made to the CCP program. Please review and use the the updated operating procedures moving forward. The current procedures can be found on the NCCCS website.