Student Spotlight:
Katelyn Cohen, Northwood High School

Katelyn Cohen

School: Northwood High School
Pathway: Pre-Associate of Arts
GPA: 4.37

During my school day I take three online courses: World Civilizations I, General Psychology, and Art Appreciation. Last semester I took PreCalculus and Introduction to Sociology. I am currently ranked in the top ten percent of my class, and will be attending The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill this upcoming fall. CCCC classes have helped me prepare for college level work, learn time management, and provided me with free college credits. The CCCC classes have also put me ahead of the game as I have already taken many of my freshman introductory courses. After participating in the Career & College Promise program I feel better prepared to begin college.

CTE Pathway Offering: Pathway to a Career in Veterinary Medical Technology VMT

The Veterinary Medical Technology Program is one of only three located in North Carolina. It is housed at the main campus of Central Carolina Community College in Sanford. Beginning in Fall 2016, CCW is excited to offer high school students the opportunity to begin working on a Veterinary Clinical Aide Certification. This certification can be obtained by taking 5 courses as a high school junior and/or senior. These courses will introduce students to the anatomy of animals from rabbits to horses, establish safety protocols, recognize possible zoonotic diseases, clinical pathology, etc. Students will be able to use their certification to work in private veterinary practices or a dog Kennel.

Course Offerings

For more information see the 2016-2017 CCP Course Guide available on CCCC's website. For more information about the Veterinary Medical Technology Associate's Degree at CCCC, see their program webpage.


Resources for Students Ready for Work: NCWorks, Connecting Talent to Jobs

NCWorks is an online resource that provides tools for both job seekers and employers. Those in search of employment are able to find and apply for jobs as well as find resources for furthering their education or finding additional training needed for employment. Additionally, employers are able to post vacant positions, search for eligible candidates, and find labor market statistics relevant to their field. NCWorks also provides the following resources:

  • Meeting place for people with mutual goals and services
  • Resources to increase the success rate of finding a job including resume and cover letter assistance (Job Seeker Service)
  • Free platform for employers to identify, find, and review profiles created by job seekers for hard to fill positions

NCWorks is a one-stop resource for all things employment related. Any students who are looking to enter the workforce after graduation or who are interested in gaining statistical knowledge about the outlook of certain occupations should visit to learn more.

Article adapted from The
Sharon Myers, Nov 26, 2013

College Transfer at a Glance: Warren Wilson College

Warren Wilson College

Warren Wilson is the country's only liberal arts college with a national student body and integrated work and service programs. Through a blend of strong academics, work and service called the Triad, students graduate not only with a rigorous liberal arts education, but also with skills such as problem-solving and team leadership that equip them for life. (From

Warren Wilson College was established in 1894 by Presbyterian missionaries who wanted to educate young men from Appalachia. Today it offers four-year degrees and a graduate program in the area of creative writing. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in a capstone senior research project and present their work to an audience of faculty and students. Students choose from 34 academic programs; 24 minors; and concentrations in everything from applied geospatial technology to pre-Peace Corps, international and non-governmental service. There is also an integrative studies option that lets students design their own major. With nearly 900 students and an average class size of 14, professors get to know not just a student's name, but their passion.

Students who attend Warren Wilson College are diverse: they come to NC from over 40 states and a dozen countries. Women make up over 60 percent of the student population. Almost 80 percent of undergraduates attended a public school.

The mission of Warren Wilson College is to provide a distinctive undergraduate and graduate liberal arts education. Warren Wilson's undergraduate education combines academics, work and service in a learning community committed to environmental responsibility, cross-cultural understanding and the common good. (From

Resources for Students Going to College: How to Complete Your FAFSA

The FAFSA which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a requirement for all students who wish to obtain financial aid to assist with paying for college. Students who plan to attend college in the Fall will need to complete the 2016-2017 FAFSA application. The application opened January 1st, 2016 with a priority deadline of March 1.

Steps to completing your FAFSA.

  • Create a FSA (Federal Student Aid) ID
    • You will use this ID to start, edit and/or submit your FAFSA
    • You will always use this FSA ID so be sure to write it down so that you do not forget it!
  • Gather your documents
    • Your Social Security Card, Driver's License (if any), Your Federal Income tax return (if any) and your Parent's Federal Income tax Return
  • Visit
    • Start a New FAFSA
      1. Login in using your FSA ID
      2. Make sure to select "2016 -2017"
  • Completing the Application
    • Make sure to answer each question in the correct format!
      1. Each question will have a box to the right to assist you, if you have any questions
    • Use the Data Retrieval Tool
      1. This will transfer your or your parents income tax information directly to your FAFSA
    • Submit your application
  • Student Aid Report
    • After submission, you will receive an EFC (Expected Family Contribution) number. This will tell your College/ Universities that you are sending your scores to how much your family can provide towards the cost of attendance.

Central Carolina Works Director's Spotlight

February has been a fun month for the CCW team! Several activities and events with our secondary partners and students took place this month, which always makes for a fun time. The advisors have been working hard with their respective schools to prepare for the high school registration period. The CCP Spring enrollment numbers are very strong. We will include an enrollment update in the March issue of the newsletter, so please stay tuned. Please see some additional points of interest below.

Take care,

Virginia Mallory, Director of Secondary Partnerships

You've really got to start hitting the books because it's no joke out here. ~Harper Lee

CCP Team

Points of Interest:

Information and Planning Conference

The annual Information and Planning Conference (IPC) was held on Friday, Feb. 5, at the Civic Center in Sanford. Every year, CCCC hosts school counselors, career development coordinators, and administrators from the service area and beyond. This year's conference was themed CCCC: A Degree Above the Rest. Attendees toured several academic programs, received updates from the college, received a keynote address from Greg Fishel, WRAL Chief Meteorologist.

Chatham Central High School is this year's winners of the President's Cup! Chatham Central had the highest number of graduates enroll in CCCC in Fall 2015 from the service area.

CCP Team CCP Team

It was another great conference and thank you all for attending. You can read about this event on CCCC's website.

CCW Days

Chatham and Harnett County rising juniors and seniors visited CCCC campuses and sites. Students followed a "college" like schedule around the campuses and learned about various CCP pathway opportunities available to them. This is one of the wonderful EWIF grant opportunities that allows CCW to provide college campus activities for students.

CCP Team CCP Team CCP Team

CCP Program Updates

NC Career & College Promise
High School Fall 2014 Enrollment Fall 2015 Enrollment
Chatham Central High School 31 56
Jordan Matthews High School 62 89
Northwood High School 60 120
Lee County High School 73 131
Southern Lee High School 76 145
Harnett Central High School 31 49
Triton High School 54 79
Overhills High School 25 70
Western Harnett High School 17 58

Career and College Promise is in the process of updating the PSAT College Readiness benchmarks, which is in response to the new PSAT scores. The proposed benchmarks are going before the State Board of Community Colleges this month.

*Spring 2016 CCP enrollment update coming in March issue