Student Spotlight:
Destiny McLean, Triton High School

Destiny McLean

Destiny McLean is a senior at Triton High School in the Nurse Aide pathway.

She says the Career and College Promise Program has helped her gain experience working independently at the college level. She is excited at how this will impact her future college experience.

The advice she would give to other students interested in the Career and College Promise Program is to read all assigned text and plan your time wisely. She says, "It is about being organized and focused!"

After high school she has been accepted to, and plans to attend, Winston Salem University to study to become a Pediatric Nurse. Upon successful completion of her courses in the Nurse Aide pathway, Destiny will be able to take the NC Nurse Aide I Competency Exam and be added to the NC Nurse Aide Registry.

CTE Pathway Offering: Telecommunications Installation & Maintenance

Telecommunications is a growing industry that is at the heart of all communication. CCCC, in partnership with the telecommunications industry, developed the instructional program that prepares people for jobs in this important and growing industry.

Telecommunications Installation and Maintenance is an exciting technical program that requires problem solving skills, a good work ethic, and a steady hand. Graduates are employed as telecommunications technicians, cable splicers, telecommunication equipment installers and more. The pay scale varies based on the career choice and work area of the graduate.

There is a 1 semester (18 credit hour) certification option or a 3 semester (42 credit hour) diploma option.

For more information see the Telecommunications program page on CCCC's website.

Resources for Students Ready for Work: CCCC Economic and Community Development Division

There are many students that are not ready to commit to 1 or 2 years of college or technical school, but that doesn't mean they cannot get job training and skill development in a time-frame that works for them!

Central Carolina Community College's Division of Economic & Community Development is dedicated to economic, workforce, enrichment, and continuing education programs for the business sector and members of the community at large. The division's commitment to the development of the local economy and a sense of community is shared throughout all the departments.

One segment of the services offered through this division is short term job training. CCCC and the Continuing Education Department offer non-degree, short-term career and workforce classes and/or training, as well as job readiness training for students that require skill development. The skills obtained through these courses are designed to help the student be more marketable when searching for employment.

For more information see the ECD Division page on CCCC's website.

College Transfer at a Glance: Winston Salem State University

Winston Salem State University

Winston Salem State University has been in operation for over 124 years and is a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina. It consistently ranks among the best public universities in the Southern United States.

Student Enrollment: 5,107
Faculty: 313
Student-To-Faculty Ratio: 13:1
Campus Size: 117 Acres
Motto: Enter To Learn, Depart To Serve
Colors: Red and White
Team Mascot: Ram
Athletic Conference: CIAA

WSSU offers a very flexible process for transferring credits from a NC community college for students awarded an AA or an AS degree. This flexibility allows for a variety of options in meeting the requirement for one course in each of the seven General Education Areas of Knowledge and to apply credits towards courses in the major, electives in the major, and prerequisites for the major.

If applicants hold an AAS or AFA degree or have not received a degree, this same flexibility is applied to evaluate transcripts on a course-by-course basis.

For more information See the WSSU website.

Resources for Students Going to College: Plan Your Transfer!

Transferring from a community college to a four year institution is not necessarily difficult, but it does requires some planning and forethought. While advisors help with this, it is always wise to have your own plan and stay involved in the process.

This chart is one example that students can use when planning to transfer from a community college to a four year institution. For a more detailed comprehensive plan, see Steps to Transferring to a Four Year College on CCCC's website.

How to Transfer

Central Carolina Works Director's Spotlight

April has been a great month for CCW! We have been able to collaborate with our secondary partners, as well as other teams at CCCC. One of these, the annual CCW Instructional Day, allowed students, faculty, and staff from all 3 districts on campus for the annual CCW Instructional Day. See more details regarding CCW Instructional Day below.

The team is looking forward to several upcoming activities and events, which are noted under the Points of Interest section below. The advisors are doing a wonderful job of planning for the next academic year and we thank our secondary partners for all their help and inclusion during the high school registration period. I have been making site visits to each high school this month and always love having the opportunity to visit the high schools.

Take Care,

Virginia Mallory, Director of Secondary Partnerships

Compassion is an action word with no boundaries. ~Prince

Points of Interest

CCW Instructional Day

This annual event was held on April 7 and April 14. Students from Lee, Chatham, and Harnett County Schools visited the CCCC main campus and toured several college CTE programs. The CCCC SOAR team did an outstanding job in coordinating this opportunity for students. We thank our secondary partners for always bringing students to this event and recognizing the value. 254 students were able to participate this year!

2016 Summer Symposium: Bridging Education and Careers

The 2nd annual summer conference presented by Central Carolina Works will be held on June 28 and 29. This year high school English teachers will have the opportunity to work with business and industry leaders to make further connections between the classroom and world-of-work. Please work to encourage the teachers that have been invited to participate and register by May 31.

Welcome Day

The 1st annual Welcome Day is scheduled for May 19. Welcome Day is a new program that is being piloted this year in Lee County and will be expanded to include Chatham and Harnett County Schools next year. Students from Lee County Schools that have applied to attend CCCC after high school graduation are invited to attend this event. This is a collaboration between the CTE department of Lee County Schools, CCW, and the CCCC SOAR team. Students will engage in fun activities, sign up for a new student orientation in June, and learn about next steps in the college enrollment process. We are excited to offer this program to better help students make the transition from high school to college.

CCP Program Updates

spring 2016
  • The NCCCS has approved a new CCP College Transfer Pathway leading to the Associate in Engineering. More information coming soon.
  • New college readiness benchmarks have been established for SAT test dates after March 2016. They are a 480 on the Evidence-Based Reading & Writing section and a 530 on the Mathematics section.