Student Spotlight: Quinn Setzer, Senior at Lee County High School

Quinn Setzer, Senior
Pathway: College Transfer, Pre-Associate in Arts
GPA: 4.21

Quinn Setzer

Quinn Setzer plans to attend Wingate University in Wingate, NC in the Fall 2015 to double major in Sports Management and Marketing. Quinn has completed five college transfer courses which equates to one semester of college tuition-free. He has taken advantage of the opportunities that are offered to him over the past four years. Quinn said, "By transferring five college courses to Wingate it will save me $18,000 if I wasn't on scholarship. It also has me prepared for the rigor of college course work and I know what to expect."

When asked what advice he would give a rising sophomore in high school in regards to college Quinn replied, "Take advantage of free college courses to save you and your family money on college tuition and these classes will boost your GPA if you are committed to the program." Quinn is a prime example of how to be successful in high school by being a two-sport athlete and challenging himself in the class each day.

CCP Program Updates

NC Career and College Promise Logo
  • Please visit the revised CCP webpage on CCCC's website.
  • A math task force is convening to examine direct placement of students into MAT-271.
  • Students provisionally admitted into a College Transfer Pathway, may now continue to the next level of English and math. Please see your CCW advisor for all provisional updates.

CTE Pathway Offering: Culinary Arts

Student cooking

Under the direction and expertise of Chef Gregory Hamm, students can now receive a certificate in Culinary Fundamentals. Completion of this program can take as little as one semester following the suggested course schedule and outline.

Chef Hamm further shared that the students who earn this certificate through our free Career & College Promise Program can expect to save approximately $17,000 in tuition, especially if they are considering Johnson & Wells as their college of choice to finish out their culinary education.

Students may take these classes through a combination of online and seated classes at CCCC's Lee Main Campus, Chatham Main Campus, or new Dunn Campus. More details about this program are coming soon! Stay connected for further details.

Resources for Students Ready for Work: In-Demand

In Demand Jobs

Zappe, John., 13 May 2015. Web. 29 May 2015.

College Transfer at a Glance: Appalachian State


Appalachian State University located in Boone, NC offers a one of kind educational experience with a large variety prestigious major's. Appalachian has partnered with the community college system to accept college transfer course work; class for class. This is a huge benefit to not only high school students but to their families as well. Enrolling in the Career and College Promise program to take college courses for free while still enrolled in high school can cut college tuition drastically.

Other benefits of this program are for the students to understand college classes rigor, being successful will give them educational confidence their freshman year, and it will offer the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree early.

Regardless of you major at Appalachian State every student must complete their General Education requirements which many are offered through our Career and College Promise program. The chart indicates how courses in Pre-Associates in Arts or Science will transfer from CCCC to ASU.

Other than General Education requirement courses, CCP also offers transferrable credits in Accounting, Business, Early Childhood Development, Criminal Justice and others.

Appalachian State

Resources for Students Going to College: Tips for Freshmen

Appalachian State

1. Start College on the Right Foot with a Good GPA
2. Maintain a College Budget Even For Small Purchases
3. Less Is More When Packing for College
4. Get Along With Room and Dorm-mates
5. Be Proactive About Fighting College Stress
6. Fight the Freshman 15- Exercise!
7. Consider Joining Campus Clubs
8. Find Cheap or Free College Textbooks
9. Use Technology to Manage College Life
10. Develop Positive Relationships with Professors

Kury, Tyler. Thought Catalog. 8 Aug. 2014. Web. 29 May 2015.

Central Carolina Works Director's Spotlight

Virgina Mallory

The end of the semester is drawing near! The CCW advisors are busy with college registration, assisting their high schools with various end of year tasks, administering the placement test, collecting final grades to name a few things. Registration for new CCP students at the college will begin at the beginning of June and we are projected to have around 900 students enrolled in the Fall from the service area high schools alone. We are looking forward to the upcoming graduations!

Take care,
Virginia Brown, Director of Secondary Partnerships

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." ~Mark Twain

Points of Interest:

  • The Caterpillar Youth Apprentice Graduation was held on May 14th. 16 students from the 2nd cohort graduated and 15 new students were inducted.
  • 7 students have been selected to participate in the new Central Carolina Apprenticeship Works program, focused on Computer Integrated Machining Technology in Harnett County. Students will be inducted on June 4th.
  • 26 students have been selected to participate in the new Harnett Health Sciences Academy.
  • 24 CCP students are graduating with a college certificate this year.
  • 15 graduating high school seniors have been accepted into the C-STEP program.
  • 20 students are finishing the Nurse Aide I CCP class and will be eligible to test for listing on the North Carolina Nurse Aide I Registry
  • Bridging Education and Careers: 2015 Summer Symposium presented by Central Carolina Works will be held June 23rd and June 24th at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center. This year's focus is on the career-relevancy of high school math curriculum.

Enrollment Updates

Enrollment updates