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Natural Chef Culinary Program


Mission Statement

The Central Carolina Community College Natural Chef program's mission is to present a curriculum for students to develop expertise and passion for a holistic, nutritional, and naturally sustainable lifestyle. The program prepares graduates for successful careers in the culinary field and is committed to promoting the use of whole, organic, and local foods for general wellness and therapeutic applications. Through partnership with the college's Sustainable Agriculture program, the Natural Chef program supports chemical-free, natural foods to create healthy lifestyles throughout the local community and region for all ages.


To train culinary professionals in basic culinary techniques with an emphasis on local food systems, in season food preparation, fundamentals of nutrition, and the connection between food and wellness.

To develop leadership in the region and beyond for the promotion of Natural Chef programs, holistic education, and whole foods culinary advancement, for consumers and professionals.

To promote education of nutrition standards for all students and faculties through workshops, literature, community events, and to be a resource for whole foods information.

To promote the connection between local sustainable farms and future culinary professions.