Types of Aid

North Carolina Community College Grant (NCCCG)

Eligibility Criteria
  • Be NC Resident for tuition purposes
  • Enrolled at-least half time (6 credits)
  • Meet all Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements
  • Meet all Federal Pell Grant eligibility rules
NC Community College Grant
Credit Hours Award Amount (Percentage) per Semester
15+ (Full Time Plus) 100% + $200 (Amount Shown on Award Letter)
12-14 (Full Time) 100%
9-11 (Three-Quarter Time) 75%
6-8 (Half Time) 50%
1-5 (Less than Half Time) 0%

NCCCG has defined an additional enrollment status in order to comply with new legislation passed by the NC General Assembly requiring state grant program payment schedules to encourage students to take a minimum of 30 hours per year (15 hours per semester). The full-time plus payment is a set amount of $400 over the full-time amount for the year ($200 for Fall, $200 for Spring)

Students may also refer to the 2017-2018 NCCCG Payment Schedule

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