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Personal Enrichment Courses

Continuing Education Personal Enrichment courses at Central Carolina Community College are designed to enhance your life and offer an opportunity to explore new interests or enjoy ongoing ones.

Whatever your interests, there is something for you. Many programs are offered each semester, but new ones are always being added in response to current community interests. Among the most popular course areas are:

Fine and Practical Art

From painting with acrylics to creating ceramics, from cake decorating to sewing, learn creative skills to express the artist within.

Dance and Music

Learn to strum a banjo, play a piano, or become an expert shagger. The opportunities for fun and entertainment are as close as the Enrichment program.

Basic Home Maintenance and Beautification

Gain a basic understanding of how the electrical system works in your home, learn to design on a budget, landscape, or gain some other skill that you will enjoy applying in your home.


Learn how to handle money wisely, from getting out of debt to building wealth in one of a variety of classes on wise financial management.

Nutrition and Physical Fitness

Learn how to eat well and exercise wisely for better health.