In the Distance Education Department we offer our trainings in four different formats. Below is an explanation of the different types of formats.


Online trainings are those that are offered 100% via the Internet. You must have a personal computer (home, office, or college) with reliable Internet access. The advantage to taking your training online is having the flexibility to start and complete your trainings during a time that best fits your schedule. You still will be in communication with your facilitator via email and phone. If needed, you will also be able to schedule a face-to-face training session with your training leader.


This is a training session in which the facilitator meets individually with the trainee. This type of training is usually arranged by request only. Generally, one-on-one trainings include meeting with a DE staff member and practicing training techniques together and is followed up by the trainee completing the remainder of the training on their own.


Hybrid trainings are a mix of traditional seated training and online training using the Internet. You must have a personal computer (home, office, or college) with reliable Internet access. Hybrid courses are structured with a specific date and time to attend the face-to-face training. The remainder of the training is completed on your own time at your own pace. During the face-to-face meeting your facilitator will give you further instructions on how the course will be structured.


Seated trainings are offered in a classroom environment. This traditional format is designed for those individuals more comfortable with face-to-face instruction and classroom interaction. A seated training consists of a specific date and time that you commit to attend. Seated trainings may require the use of a computer and Internet.

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