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Important Notice about Browsers & Blackboard Compatibility

As you know, there are occasional technical issues when Internet browsers do not "play nicely" with Blackboard. Now both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers employ a "rapid release" strategy with new updates sometimes as frequent as every two to three weeks. Some of these updates happen automatically without the user initiating them. This frequent updating can make it more difficult for Blackboard, Inc. to stay current with its debugging to ensure Blackboard performs well with the newest versions of Firefox and Chrome. Our department has even noticed that different versions of a computer's operating system can make the same version of a browser act differently in Blackboard.

So what does this mean for you?

This reality can translate into CCCC Blackboard users encountering quirky issues from time to time that stem from the kind and version of browser being used. While Mozilla Firefox is still the recommended browser for most instances in CCCC's Blackboard, please be aware that a technical glitch you encounter can have a solution as simple as trying to do the same thing in a different browser. For example , if you're using Chrome, try Firefox. Or if you're using Firefox, try Internet Explorer. When you report technical issues to the DE staff, please share what browser (and version if you know) used when the problem occurred. This information may be critical to finding the solution.

You can check your computer's compatibility with our Blackboard with the System Check tool. Remember you can email the staff at destaff@cccc.edu or call at 919–718–7529 for technical support or call Presidium for 24 hour assistance at 1–866–834–6894.

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