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Off-Site Examination Guidelines

Q: I live within the three county service area (Lee, Chatham, Harnett counties). Can I have my exam proctored on one of the other campuses?
A: No. If you live in the service area, you are expected to come to the Civic Center to take your exam on the specified date. Proctored exams are available to students living outside the service area only. If you have extenuating circumstances or are a special populations student and need accommodations, please contact your instructor.
Q: Who is supposed to find a proctor and schedule a time for me to take my exams?
A: It is the responsibility of the student to find a suitable proctor and schedule a time with the proctor to take any exams.
Q: Who can proctor my exams?
A: Students are to use proctors affiliated with educational institutions like a faculty or staff member at another community college or university. Students, tutors, or work-study students of these institutions are, not eligible proctors. Other possible locations to find acceptable proctors include your local public library or testing centers. Places of worship, pre-K or daycare facilities are not considered educational institutions for the purposes of locating a proctoring environment. A proctor who does not meet the above criteria may not be approved. The distance education department reserves the right to make the final determination on the approval of proctors. In the event of such a denial, it is the student's responsibility to secure an appropriate replacement proctor before the exam is administered.
Q: Do I need to let my instructor know I need an offsite proctor?
A: Yes. Your instructor will need to be informed if you plan on taking your exams at an off-site location.
Q: What if my chosen proctor does not have an .edu, or .org business e-mail address?
A: In an effort to maintain exam integrity, the College cannot accept personal e-mail addresses from proctors (examples include but are not limited to yahoo.com, gmail.com, and hotmail.com). Proctors must use a professional email address instead that meets the approval of the distance education department. In most circumstances, this means a proctor will use a .edu (educational) or .org (business/organization) e-mail address. Please note exams will not be emailed to student accounts under any circumstances.
Q: How will I know if my proctor has been approved and when my exams have been sent to my proctor?
A: You will receive communication regarding the proctoring process at key points. This communication includes e-mails to let you know if your proctor has been approved or not. You will also receive an e-mail letting you know that your exam has been sent to your proctor. Please be sure to check your student Cougarmail account since all communication will be sent to that address.
Q: I was proctored last semester and will have the same proctor. Do I need to fill out a new form?
A: Yes. Each semester information changes, such as the classes taken or perhaps a different proctor, so new forms are required.
Q: When do I need to turn in the proctor form?
A: While the earlier, the better, the latest you should turn in the proctor form is two weeks before the date of your exams.
Q: How do I turn the proctor form in?
A: Before turning in your form, please be sure that all the information on the form is complete. This includes having your signature and your proctor's signature located on the form on the lines provided.
The form can be turned in through several methods: scan, e-mail, fax, and U.S. postal service. Email or fax is preferred. If you decide to use regular mail through the U.S. Postal Service, please allow an additional week for the form to arrive and be processed.
Submit scans and e-mails to destaff@cccc.edu
Send faxes to the attention of Distance Education at 919.718.7407
Send U.S. mail to Distance Education
Central Carolina Community College
1105 Kelly Drive
Sanford, NC 27330
Q: What if there is a charge for exam proctoring?
A: In most cases, students are able to find approved local sites that offer proctoring as a free service. However, any proctoring charges incurred are the responsibility of the student.
Q: If I still have questions about the proctoring process, who should I contact?
A: If you have questions or concerns, you can contact the Distance Education department by phone (919.718.7529) or e-mail (destaff@cccc.edu).
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