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Robert Hammond
Chemistry Instructor, Math and Sciences
S9220, Science 919-718-7269
Lee Main Campus

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Baker, David 919-718-7280
Physics Instructor
Barron, David 910-814-8836
Math Instructor
Belcher, Emma 910-814-8861
Biology Instructor
Brown, Jessica 919-718-7438
Biology Instructor
DiLanzo, Sabrina 919-718-7488
Math Instructor
Falero, Ben 919-718-7334
Math Instructor
Fritz, Frederick 919-718-7344
Dept. Chair, Math & Science
Guzman-Ramirez, Liza 919-718-7570
Biology Instructor
Hammond, Robert 919-718-7269
Chemistry Instructor
Kennedy, Amy 919-545-8030
Biology Instructor
Miller, Terry 919-718-7395
Math and Science Lead Instructor
Ozmeral, Kaan 919-545-8034
Math Instructor
Turner, Charity 919-718-7314
Math Instructor
Watkins, Shelly 910-814-8989
Biology Instructor
Whitley, Blake 919-718-7562
Math Instructor
Witcher, Lora 919-718-7411
Biology Instructor

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