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Adjunct Faculty, MET 919-718-7468
Adjunct Instructors
Ainsworth, John (919) 718-7085
NET Instructor
Alston, Amanda 919-718-7434
Trio Upward Bound Programs Coordinator
Atkins, Sue 919-718-7489
Student Learning Support Coordinator
Aucompaugh, Mary Ann 919-718-7464
Dept. Chair of Business Technologies
Baird, Dane 919-718-7541
Store Manager II
Baker, David 919-718-7280
Physics Instructor
Baker, Randy
HVAC Technician
Barnes, Tim 919-718-7325
Psychology Instructor
Beam, Leigh 919-718-7346
Department Chair of Social Sciences
Bedoe, Frank 919.718.7211
Director of Campus Security and Safety
Bell, Charles 919-718-7306
Lead Welding Instructor
Benn, Valorie 919-718-7423
Associate Director Human Resources/Diversity Officer
Berndt, Daniel (919) 718-7234
Lead Success Coach
Biggs, Richard 919-718-7450
CIT Instructor
Blankenship, Gary 919-718-7292
Criminal Justice Instructor
Boahn, Constance 919-718-7283
Department Chair, Engineering and Computer Information Technologies
Boggs, Jimmie 919-718-7441
Shipping & Receiving Coordinator
Bowen, Sandra 919-718-7569
Communication Instructor
Boykin, Donna 919-718-7333
Administrative Assistant - Dean Byington
Bradbury, Amy 919-718-7465
Veterinary Medical Technology Instructor
Bradian, Trevor 919-718-7373
Lead CAD Instructor
Braly, Lauren 919-718-7330
Student Learning Support Specialist
Brown, Jessica 919-718-7438
Biology Instructor
Brown, Lisa Key 919-718-7362
Developmental Studies, Chair
Brown, Mary 919-718-7471
Student Support and Assessment Specialist
Brown, Meghan 919-718-7422
Director, Grants and Strategic Initiatives
Brown, Walter 919-718-7577
Academic Coordinator, TRIO UB
Browning, Kim 919-718-7393
Veterinary Medical Technology, Chair
Bruner, Danielle 919-777-7727
Dental Hygiene Clinical Coordinator/Instructor
Bryan, Carl (919) 718-7554
Program Director, Health & Fitness Science
Brzozowski, Kimberly 919-718-7536
TRIO Administrative Specialist
Buchanan, Seth 919-718-7339
Director of Academic Success & Aviso Administration
Burke, Mary 919-718-7377
CIT Instructor
Byington, Scott (919) 718-7425
Dean of Arts, Sciences & Advising
Cafe, Cougar 919-718-7278
Campbell, Barbara (919) 718-7390
Nursing, Department Chair
Carlson, Susan 919-718-7490
Academic Excellence Center Coordinator
Carroll, Samantha 919-718-7415
Financial Aid Advisor
Carter, Amanda 919-718-7515
Distance Education Director
Castonguay, Sandra 919-718-7331
Electronics Engineering Technology Lead Instructor
Childress, Jamie 919-718-7239
Dean of Enrollment/Registrar
Choi, Walter 919-718-7366
CIT Instructor
Christman, MontE 919-718-7495
Associate Director & System Administrator
Ciliberto, Craig 919-718-7304
Transportation Technology, Chair
Clark, Vicky 919-718-7256
CE Registrar
Coore, Michelle 919-718-7324
Graduation Coordinator/Data Specialist
Copes, Christi 919-718-7320
Institutional Research Analyst
Cotten, Peggy 919-718-7244
Library Assistant - Circulation
Cotten, Wendy 919-718-7391
AR/CR Accountant
Crissman, Nicole 919-718-7309
Administrative Assistant
Crowe, Wrenn 919-718-7443
Student Outreach and Recruiting Coordinator, CTE Programs
Davin, Misty 919-718-7267
Early Childhood Instructor
Deal, Sarah (919) 718-7486
Project Director, First in the World Grant
Delvalle-Blair, Sara 919-718-7463
TRIO VUB Administrative Assistant
Derr, Kisha 919-888-4502
LEC Principal
Dial, Ashley 919-718-7561
English Instructor
Dishman, Marcie 919-718-7491
Associate Vice President of Marketing and External Relations
Dockery, Ashlee 919-718-7511
Admissions Specialist
Enos, Billy 919-718-7372
Course Material Manager, Bookstore
Entrocaso, Catherine 919-718-7288
English Instructor
Falero, Ben 919-718-7334
Math Instructor
Fann, Michael 919718-7468
Business Technologies, Lead Instructor
Farrior, Anthony 919-718-7487
Outreach & Services Coordinator, TRIO VUB
Farrow, Larry 919-718-7512
Campus Security
Faucett, Trinity 919-718-7291
Director of Human Resources
Ferguson, Jamie 919-718-7326
Nursing Instructor
Fink, Jessica 919-718-7201
Records Office Data Specialist
Finken, Becky 919.718.7503
English Instructor
Flannery, James 919-718-7350
CIT Instructor
Fleeman, Ana 919-718-7293
Administrative Assistant
Fogarty, Melissa 919-545-8060
Medical Assisting, Program Director
Foster, Danette 919-718-7472
Reading Instructor
Freeman, Billy 919-718-7257
Director of Media Relations/Department Chair, Media Technologies
Friday, Talia 919-718-7505
AAC & Writing Center Coordinator
Fritz, Frederick 919-718-7344
Dept. Chair, Math & Science
Furr, Danny 919-718-7534
Maintenance Supervisor
Gaines, Alyce 919-718-7264
A/P Purchasing Specialist
Gaines, Daisha 919-718-7213
Director of Organizational Development
Giles, Cathy 919-718-7240
Program Associate
Gillette, Jill 919-718-7338
Administrative Assistant- Dean Goodson
Glover, Erica 919-718-7299
Contract Administrator
Godbey, Tina 919-718-7286
Veterinary Medical Instructor
Godfrey, Brian
Maintenance Technician
Godfrey, Lisa Baker 919-777-7784
Dean of Health Science and Human Services
Godfrey, Melissa 919-718-7217
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Gomez, Evelyn 919-718-7431
PC Technician
Goodson, Drew 919-718-7445
Dean of Career & Technical Education
Gregory, Dawn 919-718-7479
Nursing Instructor
Gustavson, Amy (919) 718-7527
Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & QEP
Guzman-Ramirez, Liza 919-718-7570
Biology Instructor
Haire, David 919-718-7432
Network Administrator
Haley, Martin 919-718-7272
Lead Accounting Instructor
Hammond, Robert 919-718-7269
Chemistry Instructor
Hare, Emily 919-718-7230
Executive Director of the CCCC Foundation
Harner, Christine 919-718-7316
Nursing Instructor
Harrington, Vickie 919-718-7321
Administrative Specialist
Harris Bartholomew, Ginger 919-718-7260
Early Childhood, Chair
Hartman, David 919-718-7323
Lead English Instructor
Heller, Janice 919-718-7478
Student Learning Data Analyst
Helms, Phillip 919-718-7365
History Instructor
Higgins, Rachel 919-718-7202
Records Office Data Specialist
Hight, R.V. 919-718-7265
Director of Communications
Hobbs, Heather 919-718-7247
STEM Program Specialist
Hockaday, Jonathan 919-718-7231
Recruitment/Foundation Associate & Athletic Director
Holden, Dixie (919) 718-7318
Nursing Instructor
Holder, Tommy 919-718-7367
Director of Information Technology
Holt, Dr. Jessica 919-718-7454
Veterinary Medical Instructor
Howington, Allen 919-718-7305
Industrial Systems Technology, Chair
Hoyle, Ken 919-718-7436
Vice President of Student Services
Hunt, Kelvin 919-718-7368
Director of Student Outreach and Recruitment
Hunt, Scott 919-718-7715
Lead Security Lead
Jackson, Chris 919-718-7262
Machining / Tool & Die Instructor
Jackson, Cynthia 919-888-4502
LEC School Counselor
Jasso, Jesse 919-718-7506
System Administrator
Johnson, Denise 919.718.7493
Human Resources Coordinator
Jones, Christy 919-718-7461
Health & Human Services Administrative Assistant
Jones, Shawna (919) 718-7457
Instructor, English
Joyner, Tamara 919-718-7498
Kallimanis, Audra 919-718-7289
Sociology Instructor
Kannarr, Diane 919-718-7247
Business & Marketing Instructor
Keffer, Charmaine 919-777-7791
Dental Hygiene Instructor/Clinical Dentist
Keller, Brenda 919-718-7439
Math Instructor
Kelly, Megan 919-718-7266
Instructor, Animal Facilities Manager
Kelly, Patrick 919-718-7347
Assistant Director, Student Outreach & Work Based Learning
Kirk, Jerod
Maintenance Technician
Klug, Kelly 919-718-7281
Grants Performance & Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
Knight, Lisa 919-718-7467
Instructional Designer/Instructor
Langston, Kimberly 919-777-7781
Dental Hygiene Instructor
Lariviere, Nichelle 919-718-7222
Financial Aid Technician
Lassiter, Karen 919-718-7317
Nursing Instructor
Lennon-Harmon, Amber 919-718-7481
TRIO Upward Bound Program Manager
Lett, Tony
Construction Monitor
Lewis, Derek 919-718-7313
Admission Specialist
Little, Meagan 919-718-7337
Student Activities Coordinator
Lopes, Zilma 919-718-7542
Director of Financial Aid
Love, Richard 919-718-7258
Lead Paralegal Instructor
Lowder, Donnie 919-718-7298
Construction Manager
Lucas, Tara 919-718-7245
Director of Library Services
Lyles, Kassie 919-718-7433
CCCC PEG Manager/TV Instructor
Lystash, Rebeccah 919-718-7209
Director, TRIO Upward Bound
Malenick, David 919-718-7351
Social Science Instructor
Malott, Nicole 919-718-7551
Payroll Specialist
Mann, Chuck 919-718-7303
Automotive Instructor
Marchant, Dr. T. Eston "Bud" 919.718.7246
Martin, Denise 919-718-7564
Associate Dean of Health Science and Human Services
Mascitelli, Stormy (919) 718-7253
Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Research
Mashburn, Christa 919-718-7220
Director of Business Services
Matthews, Clint 919-718-7297
Lead Technician
Matthews, Leslie 919-718-7517
Accounting Assistant
Mazur, Jennifer 919-718-7342
Medical Sonography Program Director
McDonald, Paciddia 919-718-7594
Student Support Specialist
McElreath, Thadd 919-718-7421
Physical Education/Health and Fitness Science Instructor
McGowan, Neil 919-718-7203
Graphic Artist & Multimedia Specialist
McIver, Latasha 919-545-8046
Reading Instructor
McKenzie, Heather 919-718-7504
Administrative Assistant Student Learning & FITW
McMican, Jairo 919-718-7254
Dean of Student Learning
McNeill, Debra 919-718-7430
Helpdesk Support
McNeill, Shantel 919-777-7718
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Clinical Coordinator
Measamer, Ronnie 919-718-7409
Physical Plant Manager
Merritt, Brian 919.718.7426
Vice President, Learning & Workforce Development/Chief Academic Officer
Miller, Terry 919-718-7395
Math and Science Lead Instructor
Minter, Regina 919-718-7510
Lead Culinary Instructor Lee
Murray, Mike 919-718-7081
Lead Instructor, Network Management
Musselwhite, Laura 919-718-7279
Administrative Assistant
Myers, David 919-718-7392
Welding Instructor
Newcomb, Chris 919-718-7507
Admissions Specialist
Newcomb, Sara 919-718-7370
Director of Secondary Partnership
Nichols, Dustin 919-718-7249
Math Instructor
Nixon, Kanon 919-718-7236
Admissions Specialist
O'Connor, Samantha 919-718-7340
Public Services Librarian
Oldham, Joel 919-718-7533
Landscaping & Custodial Supervisor
Oldham, Leslie 919-718-7519
Cosmetology Instructor
Oliver, Wynnette 919-718-7516
Esthetics Instructor
Olmsted, Sandra 919-718-7233
Veterans Affair Coordinator
Owen-Bogan, Karen 919-718-7357
English Instructor
Parker, Mary 919-718-7396
Career Center Coordinator
Parrish, Carla 919-718-7369
Payroll Administrator
Patterson, Kasey (919) 718-7322
Coordinator of Distance Education
Pearson, Kevin 919-718-7386
College Success Coordinator/Advisor
Perry, Fernanda 919-777-7783
Dental Assisting/Hygiene Instructor
Perry, Travis 919-718-7352
PC Technician
Peterson, Dane 919-718-7484
TRIO Academic Coach
Piontak, Rachel 919-718-7494
College Advisor, TRIO Upward Bound Program
Powell, Rodney 919-718-7462
Executive Director of Center for Academic Excellence
Prevatte, Crystal 919-718-7207
Library Assistant/Acquisitions
Price, Phillip 919-718-7214
Vice President of Administrative Services
Price Jr., Thomas 919-718-7271
Maintenance Technician
Rainforth, Lori 919-718-7466
Veterinary Medical Instructor
Rankin, Ben 919-718-7402
Safety Coordinator
Rijkse, Shirley 919-718-7446
Lead Instructor, HR & Workforce Readiness
Rogers, Jessica 919-718-7557
Director, TRiO Student Support Services
Saez, Anthea 919718-7502
FITW/Health Sciences Success Coach
Sasser, Karen 919-718-7469
IT Security Specialist
Schmid-Carter, Mary 919-718-7475
Associate Registrar
Scott, Dana 919-718-7273
Cosmetology Instructor
Scuiletti, Linda 919-718-7417
Vice President of Assessment, Planning & Research/SACSCOC Accreditation Lia
Shearin, Glenn 919-718-7343
Machining / Tool & Die Instructor
Sheffield, Kathy 919-718-7204
Copy Center and Mail Room Manager
Shepard, Emily 919-718-7482
CIT Instructor
Sherman, Megan 919-718-7416
Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services
Sides, Karen 919-718-7575
Administrative Specialist-VUB
Simpson, Vivian 919-718-7400
Smith, Crete 919-718-7499
Accounts Payable Specialist
Smith, Crystal 919-718-7206
Business Services Coordinator
Smith, Matt 919-718-7424
Program Director Human Services Technology/ Instructor
Spivey, Mike 919-718-7398
Director of Purchasing
Stainback, Erynn 919-718-7571
Accounting Instructor
Steele, Morgan 919-718-7538
Director of Web and Creative Strategy
Stone, Faye 919-718-7355
Records Office Data Specialist
Stumpf, Bianka 919-718-7470
Social Sciences Lead Instructor
Stumpf, Ty 919-718-7376
Humanities, Chair
Talley, Deborah 919-888-4502
LEC Data Manager
Testa, Nick 919-718-7528
LEC Liaison/Early College Coordinator
Thewes, Matthew 919-718-7539
Veterans Upward Bound Director
Thomas, Amber 9197187032
Business Technologies Instructor
Thomas, Edwin 919-718-7261
Machining / Tool & Die, Chair
Thomas, Haley 919-718-7237
Enrollment Services Coordinator
Thompson, Billie Jo 919-718-7375
Lead Library Assistant
Thompson, Stanley 919-718-7354
Motorcycle Mechanics, Lead
Thornton, Zan 919-777-7798
Welding Instructor
Tittemore, Ashley 919-718-7480
Executive Director, College Access Programs
Trice, Jennifer 919-718-7559
Student Success Advocate
Turner, Charity 919-718-7314
Math Instructor
Wade, Adam 919-718-7526
Director of Admissions
Walker, Abby 919-718-7332
Coordinator of Foundation Operations
Walker, Robin 919-718-7226
Program Auditor & Assistant to VP of Student Learning
Wall, Debbie 919.718.7419
Walton, Karen 919-718-7310
Walton, Marti 919-888-4502
LEC Administrative Asst/TestingCoordinator
Ward, Precious 919-718-7285
Associate Director of Financial Aid for Student Relations
Warner, Ed 919-718-7084
Instructional Technology Specialist
Watson, David 919-718-7224
English Instructor
Webb, Summerlin 919-718-7270
English Instructor
Werkheiser, Amber 919-718-7311
Financial Aid Advisor
Wesner, Vicky 919-777-7782
Department Chair of Dental Programs
West, Justin 919-718-7358
Welding Instructor
Whitaker, Lorraine 919-718-7223
Executive Assistant to President/Secretary to Board of Trustees
Whitaker, Stephanie 919-718-7218
Student Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator
Whitley, Blake 919-718-7562
Math Instructor
Wicker, Elizabeth 919-718-7408
Documents Administrator/Internal Auditor
Wilkie, Martha 919-718-7227
Administrative Assistant, Dean Godfrey
Willett, Heather 919-718-7235
Dean of Student Support Services
Wilson, Mary 919-777-7780
Allied Health Administrative Assistant
Winkens, Lauren 919-777-7726
Music Instructor
Witcher, Lora 919-718-7411
Biology Instructor
Woelfle, Cathy 919.718.7277
Lead Instructor, Cosmetology
Womack, Wesley 919-718-7241
Industrial Systems Instructor
Wright, Derrick 919-718-7252
Lead CIT Instructor
Yarborough, Melanie 919-718-7400
Ziebart, Jason 919-718-7243
English Instructor
Zurbach, Janet 919-718-7294
Spanish Instructor

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