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Trenee C. Fennell
Mathematics Instructor, College and Career Readiness
Pod A, 919-777-7718
Center for Workforce Innovation

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Cross, Rosalind 919-777-7795
Director of Workforce Development & WIOA Programs/TSWDB
Fennell, Trenee C. 919-777-7718
Mathematics Instructor
Hernandez, Oscar 919.777.7713
Assessment & Retention Specialist
Johnson, Tyra 919-777-7787
ABE Instructor
Mitchell, Adena 919-777-7797
Performance and Communications Coordinator
Nicholson, Angela 919-777-7712
Youth Program Coordinator
Peluso, Mike 919-777-7725
WIOA Business Services Coordinator
Shaw, Kim 919-777-7711
Adult Services Coordinator
Tate, Chesure 919-777-7701
College and Career Readiness Administrative Assistant
Thompson, Sandra 919-777-7726
College and Career Readiness Coordinator - Lee County

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