DE Newsletter

DE Newsletter
Summer 2013

Welcome to the third edition of Central Carolina Community College's Distance Education Newsletter for students. Each newsletter will provide you with important information, so please take the time to read the newsletter when it is published.


Important Dates

A complete list of important dates can be viewed on the college’s Academic Calendar page.

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New Webinar

The Distance Education Department is working with other departments within the college to bring even more student services to its distance students. This month the DE Department partnered with Mary Parker and Kendra Thomas from Career Services in order to present a webinar on “First Impressions and Your Personal Brand”.

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The College has implemented a new tool within Blackboard. is a free career services tool and now available for students to use.


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Success in college depends on developing your plan! Fall 2013 Advising began on April 15 – get prepared now!

AVISO will help you with:

Academic Advising

Streamlined Communication with Advisors/Coaches

Accessing AVISO

AVISO can be accessed from its icon located in the lower right column of or at to access AVISO today. Just use your CougarMail email address and password to login. If you are having trouble accessing AVISO, contact the College Success Center at or call (919) 718–7485.

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Course Type Definitions

Central Carolina Community College offers three different delivery formats via distance education. They are as follows:

Hybrid – 51% or more online and has face-to-face meeting requirements. This delivery method is distinguished with a "J" in the section number (Example: ACA 090 LJ1).

Online – 100% online and no face-to-face requirements. This delivery method is distinguished with a "N" in the section number (Example: ACA 090 LN1).

Web-Assisted – 51% or more face-to-face meetings and has online requirements. This delivery method is distinguished with a "M" in the section number (Example: ACA 090 LM1).

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The Orientation Quiz in your Distance Course

All distance education courses require students to complete an orientation. In the course-specific orientations for classes, students are required to complete various exercises. One of the exercises that must be completed is an orientation quiz. It is extremely important that the orientation quiz is completed by the deadline. It must be completed in order to stay enrolled in the course. Failure to submit the orientation quiz by the deadline will result in being dropped from the course by the instructor.

Orientation quizzes must be completed by May 21st for all summer courses.

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Student Grievance Procedure

Central Carolina Community College has a policy that students can follow in order to file a complaint against college employees. Such complaints include academic grades, alleged discrimination, and alleged harassment. The process is as follows:

More information can be found in the student handbook.

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Distance Education Contact Information

Bianka Stumpf
Director of Distance Education
Phone: 919-718-7470
Bianka can help you with your questions and concerns about distance education policies and procedures as well as ensure you get the answers you need from the college.

Cristian Wood
Distance Education Advisor and Success Coach
Phone: 919-718-7315
Cristian can help you with advising concerning program of study, course concerns, and student services.

Jennifer Owens
Distance Education Specialist and Blackboard Administrator
Phone: 919-718-7457
Jennifer can help you with your technical issues, questions about orientations, and proctored exams in distance courses.

Amanda Carter
Distance Education and Instructional Technology Coordinator
Phone: 919-718-7515
Amanda can help you with technical issues in your distance courses.

Amanda Matthews
Career and Technical Distance Education Coordinator
Phone: 919-718-7349
Amanda can help you with technical issues in your distance courses.